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EcoMobile Prepaid Cellphone Plans

EcoMobile is a wireless service provider that runs on the Sprint network. All of their plans are prepaid which means no credit check and no contract. EcoMobileYou buy what you need for 30 days and be done with it. Each plan includes 5G data, nationwide coverage, and international calling to over 100 countries.

The interesting thing about EcoMobile is that they do not sell phones. If you want to use their service, you must bring your own phone. I guess that’s why it’s so “Eco”. Instead of selling phones, they sell SIM kits, a much cheaper and more economical way to go.

EcoMobile SIM Kits

They have a SIM kit for the CDMA Network, which costs $9.99, and a SIM kit for the GSM Network for $4.99. Before ordering a SIM kit, be aware that certain phones will not work with EcoMobile’s service. The phones that won’t work are:

  • Locked Tracfones
  • Boost/Virgin Mobile Branded devices
  • And the usual - phones reported lost, stolen, or fraudulent

Also, if you are still under contract with another carrier or owe a balance on your prior service, you won’t be able to use your device with EcoMobile (the prior carrier will block the use of your phone elsewhere if there’s an outstanding balance).

EcoMobile Prepaid Plans

Currently, they have five different prepaid plans rating from $10 up to $50. The duration of all plans is 30 days. Each plan comes with:

  • Nationwide Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • Unlimited calling to over 100 countries

As is common with most phone wireless services, the plans come with voicemail, caller ID, call, waiting, and three-way calling.

Data Options

The difference in the plan pricing is based on the amount of data and international calling credits as follows:

  • $20: 2GB Data and $3 International Calling Credit
  • EcoMobile Plans
  • $30: 5GB Data and $3 International Calling Credit
  • $40: 15GB Data and $5 International Calling Credit
  • $50: 30GB Data and $5 International Calling Credit

EcoMobile does have a $10 30-day plan, but the website is unclear as to what the $10 will give you.

You need to be aware that if you go over your purchased data allotment, the overage will be at a reduced speed of 2G. For example, if you purchase a 5GB data plan, the first 5GB will be at speeds of 5G/4G/LTE, everything over five will be at 2G. Many years ago, 2G wouldn’t seem so bad, but now that most people are used to 4G and 5G, 2G will seem painful. Therefore, make sure you purchase the right data amount for your needs.

International Calling plans

EcoMobile also has two different international calling plans. There’s the pay-by-the-minute plan with rates as low as $0.01 per minute. That plan is available in $5 or $10 “TopUps” and lasts up to 180 days.

The pay-by-the-minute plan is good for calling those countries not included in the original, unlimited international nationwide calling plan. For example, if you wish to call Afghanistan with a cellular per minute rate of $0.2500 or a landline per minute rate of $0.1170 this is the plan that you would need.

Otherwise, the Unlimited International Calling Plan allows you to call over 95 destinations around the world. At a cost of $5, it can be added to any plan and it lasts for 90 days. You can call up to 15 different international numbers per 30-day period. The Unlimited International Calling Plan is included in plans of $30 or higher.


If you don’t refill your airtime within 30 days, you will lose your phone number.

Did you know?: If you meet the Lifeline criteria, you may qualify to receive a free device (smartphone or tablet) along with discounted or free wireless service (plans vary by state).

About the Author: LaForey is a person who was fed up with contract phone plans and opted for something more practical.

Last Modified: 23 November 2022

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