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Consumer Cellular Not Just for Older Folks

Consumer CellularIf you watch TV there is a good chance you’ve come across the Consumer Cellular commercial. In their commercials, they advertise their service as the right service for the more mature generation.

What caught my attention with Consumer Cellular way back when was their advertisement for rates as low as $10. Yes, they did have rates as low as $10 but you didn’t get very much for $10. The $10 plan was for people who only use their cell phone for emergencies (no data). That plan will cost you $15 a month now. Still not a bad deal.

According to the Consumer Cellular website, people who opt for the basic plan talk on their cell phones for 20 minutes or less. The beauty of this, however, is you can upgrade your plan at any time (or downgrade your plan).

One Person’s Consumer Cellular Experience

In 2009 I signed up for Consumer Cellular’s no-contract service (yes, I'm a long-time customer). I’m not a heavy cell phone user and didn’t want to lock into an expensive 2-year contract. I wanted a reliable phone and reliable service. I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for the service, that’s why I opted for Consumer Cellular.

As an AARP member, I get a 5% discount on my service. My monthly phone bill came in around $25 a month (including taxes and fees). My plan provided enough talk, text and data to suit my needs. Actually, it was more than I needed, but at $25 a month I wasn’t complaining.

Three People’s Consumer Cellular Experience

My husband and our 18-year-old daughter had different cell phone plans. My husband had an old pre-paid flip phone and my daughter had the iPhone with a 2-year contract through Verizon. Her bill alone was about $80 a month (interesting how the one person without a job has the most expensive service).

At the end of her 2-year contract, we decided to consolidate our plans under the Consmer Cellular umbrella. We purchased two new Smartphones through Consumer Cellular and modified my plan to include the two extra lines and new phones. In choosing the phones they opted for the Motorola Moto G EXT. It was affordable and provided all the features they needed.

The monthly cell phone bill for all three phones combined is cheaper than what Verizon was charging every month for one phone. We all have adequate talk, text and data. We have not gone over our allotted usage. Once or twice we received a notification text from Consumer Cellular advising us that we have used about 75% of our allotted data. That was fine because we received the text the day before our next monthly cycle. The following day everything zeroed out and we had the full data allotment reinstated.

Consumer Cellular Perks

Since signing up with Consumer Cellular we’ve noticed they have made several changes to their plans. We now get unlimited talk, unlimited texting and 5GB of data. My husband, the former flip phone user, cannot be separated from his new “tool.” Actually, it is becoming annoying because he’s constantly looking up information on the web to interject up-to-date information in any conversation he’s having (in a Cliff Clavin sort of way). I guess we have to take the bad with the good.

5GB of data is more than enough for our use. Since there are hotspots in most places we travel, we barely use our data.

Overall Rating

I'm very happy with Consumer Cellular and their service. I’m not one of those people who must have a cell phone attached to her ear. I’m considered a light user. More than using it as a communication device, I use the phone to listen to audio books, play music and control Amazon Fire stick when watching movies.

My husband and daughter, on the other hand, use the communication features much more than I do. All three of us are happy with our service and are glad that we switched from our prior phone service providers. If you're considering switching your plan, visit the Consumer Cellular website to view their phones and the up-to-date monthly plans.

Note: When we upgraded our phones to the iPhone 6 a couple of years ago, we paid for them outright (just like we did for earlier phones) rather than opt for the installment plan. Consumer Cellular does offer phone installment plans for those who wish to use them. You also have the option of keeping your own phone. All you need to do is request a Consumer Celluar sim card.

If you're considering switching your plan, visit the Consumer Cellular website to view their phones and the up-to-date monthly plans.

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About the Author: LaForey is a person who was fed up with contract phone plans and opted for something more practical.

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