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US Cellular No Contract Phone Service

U.S. Cellular offers a no contract prepaid cell phone plan.  Before investigating the plan, you should find out if they provide service in your area.  Enter your zip code or city and state in their service area page.  Unfortunately, US cellular is not offered in New York, Georgia or California.  In an attempt to find […] Read more

T-Mobile 3G Smartphone No Contract Plans

T-Mobile along with all of the other prepaid cell phone carriers offers a no contract prepaid plan for customers who wish to take advantage of the 3G smartphone technology. T-Mobile customers have a choice of selecting from three different smartphone plans: The least expensive is the $30 per month plan.  It comes with 1,500 talk […] Read more

PlatinumTel: Prepaid Plan for Android Smartphones

Just about every prepaid cell phone provider offers a no contact plan for Smartphones.  PlatinumTel is no different. If you’ve already read the earlier review about PlatinumTel’s cheap talk and texting rates, you know they’ve developed a reputation for having great rates on their talk/texting plans.  The PlatinumTel smart phone plan, on the other hand, […] Read more

AT&T Prepaid Plan for Smartphones

Prepaid cell phones have come a long way. The stigma associated with a prepaid cell phone is long gone.  As a matter of fact, prepaid cell phones are being hailed as the smarter alternative to expensive contract phone plans. When AT&T offers prepaid cell phones equipped with the 3G technology you know prepaid cell phones […] Read more

Senior Value Cell Phone by TracFone

Senior Value Cell Phone

UPDATE: This is an old article.  Apparently, TracFone discontinued their Senior Value Cell Phone plan. Fortunately, Consumer Cellular still offers a very competitive plan. The prepaid cell phone market is really stepping up to the plate.  When it comes to cell phone technology (whether contract or prepaid), most of the phone and gadget marketing has […] Read more

Virgin Mobile Pay as You Go PayLo Plan

We already discussed Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk monthly plan in the last review.  For those of you who have not read the review, the Beyond Talk plan is a pretty economical prepaid plan for smart phones. Today we’ll discuss the other Virgin Mobile no contract prepaid plan called the PayLo Plan.  PayLo is a pay […] Read more

Virgin Mobil No Contract SmartPhone Plan

Virgin Mobile is Sprint’s version of prepaid cell phone service.  Most popularly known as the network behind the Assurance Wireless free cell phone plan, Virgin Mobil also provides no contract plans for those who don’t qualify for the Assurance Wireless plan. Virgin Mobile has the Beyond Talk prepaid plan for SmartPhones and a pay as […] Read more

A Teen’s Review of the LG Cosmos Touch

We recently upgraded my daughter’s Verizon prepaid phone from the LG EnV2 to the LG Cosmos Touch. Because texting is the major method of communication between her and her friends, the phone had to pass the appropriate teenaged tests. LG Cosmos Touch Cons Of course the first thing she noticed was the Cosmos Touch does […] Read more

Verizon Prepaid Smartphone Data Packages

Wow, can’t believe I let this get by me.  With Verizon offering prepaid Smartphones, there’s a whole new level of complexity when selecting a plan.  Here’s the scoop. If you’re going to the Verizon website to select a prepaid Smartphone, you have to kiss the pay as you go option goodbye.  You can only use […] Read more

Upgrade Your Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone

Verizon wireless has recently instituted an upgrade program for prepaid cell phone customers.  In the past, unless you had a contract with Verizon, you would not get a discount for upgrading your old phone. With the holidays fast approaching and my daughter’s old LG Env2 dying, I had to act fast.  Let’s face it, she […] Read more