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Bonus Mintues for TracFone Phones

While roaming around the web the other day I came across a blog called TracFone Club . This blog lists various bonus codes that you can use to extend your TracFone service. The bonus codes seem to be updated monthly. For example, in April there was a 40 minute bonus promo code and in May […] Read more

Upgrading Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones

Back in December, I wrote a post about receiving a discount for upgrading a Verizon prepaid cell phone. Because I was aware of Verizon’s prepaid upgrade discount, we decided to upgrade another phone used by a family member. This phone was a very old flip phone. I halfway expected the customer service person to roll […] Read more

New York, AAA and GreatCall Phone Service

In collaboration with AAA, GreatCall is offering New York AAA members a free phone and a no contract phone service. On top of that, New York AAA members get a 5% discount on all monthly service rate plans. What GreatCall Offers With this program, GreatCall is offering a free Samsung telephone. It’s a basic phone […] Read more

Just5 Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Just5 is probably the simplest and easiest to use prepaid cell phone service available to the general public. This plan is not for those who want all the sophisticated features such as Web browsing, downloading apps, taking pictures or using the phone as a GPS. Just5 phones are for calling and texting only. There are […] Read more

Fido Phones and Airtime

We talked about the Fido phone service and the types of plans they offer, now it’s time to see what their phones look like.  They offer a wide variety of prepaid cell phones. As of April 2011, there are 14 prepaid-compatible Fido phones to choose from. The least expensive of the choices is the Nokia […] Read more

Pay as You Go Fido Phone

Canadian residents can take advantage of the pay as you go Fido phone plan.  With the prepaid option there’s no activation fee, no commitment and best of all, no credit check. You can use the phone for as long as it suits your needs and cancel when you’re ready. There are several Fido phone plans.  […] Read more

What is Cell Phone Bill Shock?

Back in October 2010 the Federal Communications Commission instituted a plan to prevent bill shock. As a prepaid cell phone customer you may ask what the heck is bill shock? Bill shock, as defined by the FCC is a “sudden and unexpected increase in monthly [cell phone] bills that is caused by a change in […] Read more

Stop Accidental Phone Dialing with Slide2Call

Butt calls it is a term given to cell phone calls made from your cell phone without your knowledge. You may have your cell phone in your pocket, sit down and make a butt call. Or, you can have your cell phone in your purse; it rubs up against a tube of lipstick and viola, […] Read more

Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone Apps

The question often comes up as to whether or not you can purchase apps using a Verizon prepaid cell phone. Well, the answer is it all depends. It depends on the type of phone you have. If you don’t have a smartphone, you’ll have to purchase your games and entertainment through your phone directly (navigate […] Read more

Cell Phones and Hearing Aid Compatibility

With the growth of the wireless phone industry and cell phone transitioning from analog to digital, folks who use hearing aids must ensure they purchase phones that will work with their hearing aid device. Digital cell phone signals can interfere with the operation hearing aid devices. As a result of signal interference, the Federal Communications […] Read more