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Life Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Life Wireless

Life Wireless is another regional phone cell phone carrier that offers prepaid cell phone service. Currently (as of March 2012), they offer service in the states of Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island and West Virginia. What Life Wireless Offers Their website doesn’t give too much detail on the […] Read more

Cell Phones and Battery Charging

This post is not specific to prepaid cell phones only. This little tidbit of information, which may be obvious to some, but apparently not so obvious to the folks in my house, is something I wish I had come across a battery ago. Here’s the tip: Be mindful when charging your cell phone. When my […] Read more

Verizon’s 3G Monthly Prepaid Plan

Now that we’ve gone over the other two Verizon plans ( $50 Unlimited Plan and the Daily Access Plan) let’s talk about their 3G prepaid plan. First, let’s talk about phone selection.  Verizon offers the Motorola Androids, Droid, Droid X2 or Droid 3 with prices ranging from $399.99 to $459.99. They also offer the Blackberry […] Read more

Android Prepaid Cell Phones


Virgin Mobile, LG and Android have produced a sensible, prepaid cell phone with all the perks that are available in today’s mobile world. The LG Optimus Prepaid Android phone gives you all the power of a smart phone in a non-contractual package. The Optimus is 3G and Wi-Fi capable and features a 3.2″ touch screen. […] Read more

Verizon’s $50 Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

This summary is probably the easiest prepaid phone plan summary that I’ve ever done. The information on the $50 plan is brief and to the point. For $50 a month, you get unlimited everything. That includes: Mobile to mobile calling Anytime minutes Nights and weekends Texting and Mobile web. Although there is some fine print […] Read more

Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone Plans (Daily Access)

I feel it’s necessary to do an updated review on Verizon’s prepaid cell phones. Things have changed quite a bit since my earlier review. Verizon offers 3 groupings or categories of plans. Two categories are monthly plans and of course there’s the obligatory daily plan category. Verizon’s Daily Access Prepaid Cell Plan Let’s start this […] Read more

Do Reverse Phone Lookups Work on Prepaid Cellphones?

When you have a telephone number, you can often access both the name and address associated with it without any other information. This process is called a reverse phone lookup. In the past, this type of lookup worked best with the phone numbers linked to traditional residential and commercial landlines. However, as cell phones became […] Read more

Verizon Ringtones

Ringtones are a type of a status symbol. Phone customers try their best to get the latest, greatest, craziest ring tones. As a result, purchasing ringtones on a prepaid cell phone is quite a lucrative business for phone service providers. The other day, my daughter voiced her opinion about having the standard ringtones that came […] Read more

Downloading Apps on Verizon Prepaid Phones

While waiting in the doctor’s office the other day, I decided to play with my cell phone a bit. Instead of killing time by starting a texting conversation, I decided to see what sort of entertainment my phone could provide. Checking Account Balance I thought it wise to check my account balance to see how […] Read more

More evidence that the prepaid cell phones have become mainstream is that services such as Wirefly offer one-stop shopping for prepaid cell phones. No longer do you have to figure out whether you want to use Verizon, Net 10 or T-Mobile. Through Wirefly you get to compare the various cell phones and the various services […] Read more