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Virgin Mobil

Are Prepaid Cheaper than Contract Phones?

There was a time in America where prepaid cell phones had a stigma. The general feeling was prepaid service was the service of last resort for people with poor credit. There was a bit of an elitist attitude among those with contract phones that looked down their noses at prepaid phone users. Back then prepaid […] Read more


Prepaid iPhone with Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers a prepaid iPhone plan. The phones currently available on their site are the iPhone 4S 16GB and the iPhone 4 8GB. For some reason, Virgin Mobile limits the number of phones to two per customer. As expected, the purchase price of the phone is more than if you were to sign up […] Read more


Virgin Mobile Pay as You Go PayLo Plan

We already discussed Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk monthly plan in the last review.  For those of you who have not read the review, the Beyond Talk plan is a pretty economical prepaid plan for smart phones. Today we’ll discuss the other Virgin Mobile no contract prepaid plan called the PayLo Plan.  PayLo is a pay […] Read more


Virgin Mobil No Contract SmartPhone Plan

Virgin Mobile is Sprint’s version of prepaid cell phone service.  Most popularly known as the network behind the Assurance Wireless free cell phone plan, Virgin Mobil also provides no contract plans for those who don’t qualify for the Assurance Wireless plan. Virgin Mobile has the Beyond Talk prepaid plan for SmartPhones and a pay as […] Read more


Prepaid Cell Phone Coverage Areas

If you’re undecided as to which pay as you go service to use, there is one factor that cannot be ignored when making a decision. You have to make sure that the wireless cell phone provider has service in your area. To make it a little easier to find the coverage location of the various […] Read more