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Prepaid Cell Phone Coverage Areas

If you’re undecided as to which pay as you go service to use, there is one factor that cannot be ignored when making a decision. You have to make sure that the wireless cell phone provider has service in your area. To make it a little easier to find the coverage location of the various […] Read more


Verizon PrePaid Plan Features

The features offered by Verizon on its prepaid INPulse plan pretty much mirror those offered to annual contract cell phone accounts. With features like Caller ID, call forwarding, local and long distance service, call waiting, three way calling, voice mail and international calling to name a few, if someone borrowed your cell phone it would […] Read more


Funding Your Verizon PrePaid Cell Phone Plan

In order to continue using your prepaid plan, you must have an available balance from which to draw your per minute charges and you also must have time available. Unlike annual contract wireless phone service, prepaid cell phone plans must be funded up front (thus the term pre-paid). The amount of available funds on the […] Read more


Text Messaging and Verizon PrePaid Plans

The cost for text messaging varies in accordance with the INPulse plan selected. Whether you select Verizon’s Core, Plus or Power prepaid plan, your text messaging rate mirrors the per minute talk rate. Core charges .10, Plus .05 and Power .02 cents per text message (Check out Choosing a Verizon Prepaid Wireless for information on […] Read more


Choosing a Verizon Prepaid Wireless Plan

If you live within the Verizon wireless network area and do not want to undergo the rigors of pre-approval, annual contract or monthly bills, they have a prepaid wireless plan that may work well for you. Verizon INPulse prepaid wireless plans come in three flavors, basic, medium and platinum. After you analyze your cell phone […] Read more