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PlatinumTel: Prepaid Plan for Android Smartphones

Just about every prepaid cell phone provider offers a no contact plan for Smartphones.  PlatinumTel is no different. If you’ve already read the earlier review about PlatinumTel’s cheap talk and texting rates, you know they’ve developed a reputation for having great rates on their talk/texting plans.  The PlatinumTel smart phone plan, on the other hand, […] Read more


PlatinumTel Three Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

This is a typical pay as you go plan. 5 cents per minute, 2 cents text messaging (both in and outgoing), 10 cents per megabyte for web services and picture messaging. It includes long distance and airtime carries over for a year (we discussed this yesterday). Additional Costs: $1.49 for directory assistance (411) and 50 […] Read more


PlatinumTel a New Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Here’s a new prepaid cell phone provider that I had never heard of before. It’s called PlatinumTel. According to their website, they have the cheapest pay-as-you-go plan anywhere. PlatinumTel Rates Texting: 2 cents per SMS Picture messaging: 10 cents per message Talk: 5 cents per minute including long distance any time all the time (although […] Read more