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Monthly Billing

MetroPCS New All Inclusive Cell Phone Plan

Metro PCS has modified their old plan and have come up with another all inclusive prepaid plan. Their new all inclusive cell phone plans start at $40 per month and goes as high as $60 a month. When they say all inclusive, that means that the annoying little taxes and fees that always seem to […] Read more


Net10 Prepaid Cell Phone Service

NET10 offers a pre-paid cell phone service for California residents at a rate of 10 cents per minute. The 10-cent rate covers local, long distance and roaming charges which isn’t too bad when you stop to compare them to a few other prepaid cell phone providers. On their site they compare the NET10 phone rates […] Read more


MetroPCS Cell Phone Service

The MetroPCS motto states: “The Unlimited Company that Gives you More.”  Just how much more and how much will the more cost. MetroPCS cellular phone plans range between $30 and $50 and do not require a signed contract, activation fees are non existent and they throw in the first month of service free.  That sounds […] Read more


Choosing an AT&T Plan – GoPhone Pay by Month

If you rather pay a set monthly fee every month at the same time of the month, then AT&T’s GoPhone Pick Your Plan option is for you. With four different monthly payment plan options, the Pick Your Plan option allows users to buy a prepaid phone without having to undergo a credit check or commit […] Read more