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Prepaid Cell Phone Radiation

If you use a cell phone the old-fashioned way, then you should take time to read the book Disconnect by Derva Davis. When I say the old-fashioned way, I’m talking about dialing a number, putting the phone to your ear and actually having a voice conversation. If you only use it for texting, you’re a little less exposed.

Is Cell Phone Radiation Safe?

Well, it depends on whom you wish to believe. You have the option of believing the research studies that were funded by the cell phone industry that say the radiation levels are acceptable, or the studies funded by independent researchers which disagree with the industry-funded studies. I don’t know about you, but an independent research study has more creditability. What do independent researchers have to lose?

Do Your Own Research

Big business will do whatever it takes to make us believe what they want us to believe. We were told butter was unhealthy and margarine was better, only to find out years later, that wasn’t the case. We were also told cigarettes were harmless, but we now know better. And what about high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, monosodium glutamate and the rest of the crew? Big business told us those were all safe and good for us too, didn’t they?

Take Precautions

Big business will do what they can to keep us from learning the real truth, and their lobbyists will do what’s necessary to keep the government from creating new laws to protect us, so you’ve got to protect yourself. If you’re not going to take the time to read Disconnected by Devra Davis (it isn’t an engaging or entertaining read but it does contain compelling information), spend a little time reading a few quick online articles such as those listed below:

These articles should be enough to get you thinking and researching. Once you’ve decided whether or not cell phone radiation is safe for you and our children, share your thoughts and research with your family, friends and neighbors. I’m a firm believer in the phrase "each one teach one.

Originally published 29 May 2013
Last Modified: 7 February 2024

Did you know?: If you meet the Lifeline criteria, you may qualify to receive a free device (smartphone or tablet) along with discounted or free wireless service (plans vary by state).

About the Author: LaForey is a person who was fed up with contract phone plans and opted for something more practical.

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