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Family Mobile – Walmart’s Prepaid Cell Phone

Walmart has another prepaid cell phone program called Family Mobile. Just like their Straight Talk program, there is no contract or credit check.

The prepaid service costs $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and web for the first phone line.  For every additional phone line it’s billed at $35 per month. Therefore, for an individual they would pay $45 a month but a family of two would pay $80 a month a family of three, $115 and so on by increments of $35.

Family Mobile Service Area

Family Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network.  This means wherever T-Mobile has service so will Walmart’s Family Mobile plan.  If you’re not sure if T-Mobile provides service in your area, check by using T Mobile’s personal coverage check feature.

Unfortunately, when I checked, service in my area was only “satisfactory” which means I might be able to connect “outdoors, sometimes in cars and maybe in buildings.”  Not good enough for me.

Additional Calling Features

Family Mobile offers additional features through their Extras Pack™.   The Extras Pack™ comes in handy for people who make long distance international calls. It also has a roaming feature in Canada Haiti Mexico and the Dominican Republic and allows you to call 411 (at a price of 1.79 per call). The rates for long-distance and roaming vary depending upon where you are so check the website for the most up to date rates.

Family Mobile Phone SelectionFamily Mobile

If you’re one of the individuals fortunate enough to live in a T-Mobile service area, you can take the next step and select a phone.

As with most prepaid cell phone carriers, there are three levels of phones.  There’s a basic phone for folks who just want to talk and text and are not interested in a whole lot of the more advanced phones. There are quick messaging phones for those who text more than talk and finally, there are the Smartphones for talk, texting, webs apps and all the other things that you can do with a smart phone.

At the time of this writing there is a discrepancy between Family Mobile’s homepage which displays a selection of 12 phones and my phone search results.  My search results gives me a choice of six phones ranging in price from $29.98 for the Samsung T139 flip phone to $299 for the Samsung Family Mobile Phone Selectiongalaxy S II 4G phone.  Your search may yield different results depending on your area.

The phone selection is not wide but if you truly looking to save money and services in your area, you might be able to find a phone that works for you.

Adding Airtime

There are several options for adding airtime to the phone. Walmart recommends signing up for automatic payments at the time of phone activation. This takes away the need to add time, Walmart takes care of it for you.

If auto payments is not your cup of tea there are other options such as paying at a Walmart store location, pay via your Family Mobile phone by dialing or pay online through their website.

Family Mobile is a money saving option when it comes to prepaid cell phones, but it’s not always about money.  Do your homework before signing up.

Below is a YouTube video made by someone who spent quite a bit of time comparing Walmart’s Family Mobile to their other plan, Straight Talk.   Be informed.  Watch the video before opting to sign up with Family Mobile.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.

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