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Prepaid Cell Phones with H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless is another prepaid cell phone company offering a wide variety of talk plans. With H2O Wireless there’s no contract and no credit check.

Since they operate on the AT&T network they’re available pretty much everywhere. However, if you’re concerned about coverage in your area, visit their website and click on the coverage map. In search your address to see if they provide service in your area.

H2O Wireless Plans

H2O wireless offers two types of plans, the monthly plan and the minute plan. Their monthly plan ranges from $30 a month up to $60 a month. They also have a $25 build your own plan. You can mix and match feature until they reach a value of $25 a month.

Here’s what they’re offering under their monthly service plan:

Plan Features
$30 per month Unlimited Talk & Text
$40 per month Unlimited Talk & TextUnlimited Picture Messages

Free $20 International Talk

Free International Text

Data packet of 100MB

$50 per month Everything in the $40 package plus an additional 400MB of data for a total of 500MB
$60 per month Everything in the $50 package with a data upgrade to 2GB.  (Note, they reduce the International talk to $10)
$25 per month Add a combination of features as you see fit using the following rate structure:Talk & Text 2.5 cents eachPicture messages: .10 eachData 80MB (.30 per MB)

Free $5 International Talk

 Minute Plans with H2O Wireless

H2O wireless offers a variety of minute plans. It varies from 30-day activation up to a year. They have a plan to fit every budget ranging from $10 $200. Here’s what you get for your money:

Minute Plan Talk Time and Activation Duration
$10 200 Minutes for 30days
$20 400 Minutes for 60 days
$30 600 Minutes for 90 days
$100 2,000 Minutes for a year

 Wireless Phone Selection

H2O Wireless has a decent variety of phones to choose from.  The phones range in price from $25 for the refurbished ZTE Z221 that comes equipped with a 3MP camera and video to $199 for a refurbished iPhone 3GS (by the way, the iPhone comes with a Free H2O iPhone case).

They have a selection of both new and refurbished phones.  There’s a phone for every budget. Keep in mind the phone selections and pricing are subject to change.

H2O Wireless

H2O Offers Broadband Internet Connection

If you’re traveling or in a pinch and need broadband access, H2O has daily, weekly, monthly and international broadband plans ranging from $15 for a day and $50 for the month.  Visit their site for details.

Additional Info

If you’re thinking of switching an existing phone number over to H2O, complete their Transfer Request  in order to keep the same phone number.

As with most prepaid cell phone providers, you have the option to purchase, activate and auto recharge your phone online at the H2O website.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.

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