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Page Plus Cellular Prepaid Phone Service

Page Plus Cellular is another wireless service provider that offers no contract, pay as you go cell phone service.  Page Plus has nationwide coverage and a wide variety of plans.

The only downside I see with Page Plus cellular is they have a limited selection of cell phones. As of December 2012, they only have three phones, which are the Kyocera Torino S2300 for $49.95, the Motorola Citrus for $79.95 or the Kyocera Milano C5121 for $149.95.

The Kyocera Torino has a full QWERTY keyboard while the other two phones are touched screen and have the virtual keyboard. The two more expensive phones are powered by Android.

Although the selection is limited, each phone reaches a certain level of user. The Torino is fine for someone who wants basic service and a full QWERTY keyboard for texting. The other two phones are for more advanced users who would prefer to use smartphone features such as Web browsing and social networking.

When purchasing a phone from Page Plus, be advised that there’s a $10 activation fee for new phone numbers.  This fee is waived if you port an existing phone number.

Page Plus Phone Plans

As mentioned earlier, cellular has a wide variety of phone plans as follows:

The 12

The 12 is Page Plus’ most basic plan. With The 12 (which costs $12 a month) you get 250 minutes of talk time and 250 text/picture messages.  You also get 10MB of data transfer, which his good for occasionally checking emails.

Talk n Text 1200

For $29.95 you can move up to Talk n Text 1200 which gives you 1,200 minutes of talk time and 3,000 text/picture messages. Your data transfer limit is increased to 250 MB of data.PagePlus Cellular

Unlimited Talk n Text

For $39.95 you can purchase unlimited talk and unlimited text/picture messaging.  The one downfall is the data transfer limit is a bit lower than the Talk n Text 1200.  The limit is reduced to 200 MB.

The 55

The 55 is a big step up from the Unlimited Talk n Text in that it too gives unlimited talk and text, but it also increases the data transfer limit to 2 GB.  If you use your phone to access the web, this might be the plan for you.

$69.95 Plan

The most expensive and comprehensive plan is the $69.95 Plan.  It offers all the same as The 55, but with a 3GB increase in data to 5GB per month.

Voice Cards – Pay-As-You-Go

If you don’t want to commit to a monthly plan, you can opt for the Pay-As-You-Go plan where you purchase talk time on an as-needed basis.  Page Plus sells talk time cards in the following denominations:

Talk Minutes Cost
100 Minutes Voice Card $10
400 Minutes Voice Card $25
1,000 Minutes Voice Card $50

Purchased voice minutes are valid for 120 days.

As with most cell phone service providers you can access your account balance and other information online from the Page Plus website as a registered user. If you prefer to obtain information via telephone you can call Customer Service at 800-550-2436 or from your Page Plus phone at #CCARE.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.

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