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Cell Phones and Battery Charging

This post is not specific to prepaid cell phones only. This little tidbit of information, which may be obvious to some, but apparently not so obvious to the folks in my house, is something I wish I had come across a battery ago.

Here’s the tip:

Be mindful when charging your cell phone.

When my daughter first received her new LG Cosmos Touch prepaid cell phone, as some young girls do, she humanized it.

This Cosmos touch phone not only had its own little bed in which it slept every night, it also had a blanket that was lovingly placed over its little body every night before it went to bed. In addition to being tucked in with its blanket, the phone got plugged in nightly. It needed to regenerate to be prepared for the next day’s talking and texting and texting and texting. Did I mention texting?

Long-Term Effects of Nightly Battery ChargingLG Cosmos Touch (Bed time)

This battery charging practice began the very first night she received the phone and continued throughout the life of the phone. Over time she noticed the charge wouldn’t last very long. The charge time was slowly diminishing. Eventually, it took a nosedive and would only remain charged for an hour or so (just long enough to send 3,000 texts).

The problem with the rapidly declining battery was that it was being overcharged at night. The LG Cosmos Touch did not require eight hours of battery charging. It required more like two or three hours worth of nightly charges.

By overcharging the battery over time the life of the battery diminished. The very same thing happens when overcharging a laptop or any other electronic device that only needs a limited charge.

Lesson Learned

After learning the lesson and spending about $45 for another battery, the little phone now gets tucked in at night without its charger. It is charged during a few set hours of the day instead of all night long.

Whether or not you have a daughter that likes to humanize inanimate objects, be cognizant of your electronic device charge time. The only way to fix a dead battery is to buy a new one (which isn’t a fix at all).

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.