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Verizon’s 3G Monthly Prepaid Plan

Now that we’ve gone over the other two Verizon plans ( $50 Unlimited Plan and the Daily Access Plan) let’s talk about their 3G prepaid plan.

First, let’s talk about phone selection.  Verizon offers the Motorola Androids, Droid, Droid X2 or Droid 3 with prices ranging from $399.99 to $459.99. They also offer the Blackberry Bold 9930 with a price tag of $444.99.  Remember, when you’re on a prepaid plan, you pay full price for the phone up front.

You might be able to get a price break if you go into your local Verizon retail store. They have been known to offer discounts if you’re upgrading from another Verizon prepaid cell phone.

After selecting your phone, it’s time to choose your plan.

Verizon’s 3G Plans

Their plans include unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to Verizon wireless customers and unlimited nights and weekend minutes (in US networks).  Additionally, if you choose a Talk & Text plan you get unlimited texting.

The cost for the 3G Plans varies depending on the number of anytime minutes you choose.  Their rates (as of December 2001) are listed below

Anytime Minutes

Monthly access

Per Minute Rate After Allowance†

450 $44.99 45¢
900 $64.99 40¢
Unlimited** $74.99 25¢

For an additional $20 a month you can add unlimited texting to your talk plan.  Or, you can pay on a per text basis at a rate of .20 per text and .25 per picture/video text.

Verizon Data PackagesVerizon

What’s the use of getting a Smartphone or Blackberry if you don’t utilize the Internet?  To get on the Internet you need to purchase the Verizon data package for $30 a month.  According to their site, $30 a month gives you unlimited data access.

To sum it up, the price for Verizon 3G Plans range from $44.99 per month (no texting, no data package and 450 Anytime Minutes) to $124.99 (unlimited talk, unlimited texting and unlimited data package).  BTW, if you’re curious, use their Data Usage Calculator to see if you’re getting your money’s worth.

The upside is you can change your plan at any time.  There’s no contract, no credit check or obligation.  The downside is the cost of the phone and a slightly higher monthly charge for prepaid (about $5 higher) than a contract plan.  The trick is to purchase the phone at a good price.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.

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