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Upgrading Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones

Back in December, I wrote a post about receiving a discount for upgrading a Verizon prepaid cell phone. Because I was aware of Verizon’s prepaid upgrade discount, we decided to upgrade another phone used by a family member. This phone was a very old flip phone.

I halfway expected the customer service person to roll on the floor laughing when she saw the phone we were upgrading. Much to my surprise, she didn’t. She mentioned that some Verizon customers walk into the Verizon store with very old phones. Remember the ones that had the antenna that you had to pull up in order to get good reception? Yeah, some Verizon customers are still walking around with those phones (hmmm, maybe they didn’t know about the upgrade discount).

Know Which Phone You Want

After we had a good chuckle, we told the customer service rep that we wanted the LG Cosmos Touch phone . Although we did not see it on the display floor, we knew that they carried that type of phone for prepaid customers.LG Cosmos Touch

The customer service rep looked at us and said, “The LG Cosmos Touch cell phone is not available on the prepaid service plan.”

I knew she was mistaken. I raised my eyebrow, looked at her and said, “Oh yes it is.” I summoned my daughter to show her phone to the customer service rep. Interrupting my daughter’s texting social life,  my daughter showed the customer service representative the LG Cosmos touch that she was using. I then said, “We are on the Verizon prepaid plan.”

Searching in the Back

It’s funny. Every time a representative is caught not knowing her product, she always resorts to, “I’ll check in the back.” And off she went.

With remnants of egg on her face she returned with the LG Cosmos Touch phone. She transferred the information from the old flip phone over to the LG Cosmos Touch. We bought a case and an accessory or two and were on our merry way (we also received our upgrade discount).

Moral of this Verizon Story

Do your research before you walk into a Verizon store. The customer service representative may not know as much about the Verizon prepaid cell phone service as you do. Let’s face it; the real money is in locking a customer into a 2-year contract. Prepaid customers are viewed slightly differently than contract customers so we have to be informed when we walk in so we can be happy when we walk out.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.