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Just5 Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Just5 is probably the simplest and easiest to use prepaid cell phone service available to the general public. This plan is not for those who want all the sophisticated features such as Web browsing, downloading apps, taking pictures or using the phone as a GPS. Just5 phones are for calling and texting only. There are no activation fees, no contract and no credit check.

Just5 Cell Phones

The Just5 cell phones are so simple that they actually look like calculators (they have one style of phone that comes in several colors). The phones have large number pad and a numeric display that looks just like what you would find on a simple calculator.

In addition to having a large number pad, upon depressing the numbers the phone will verbally confirm the number pressed. Therefore, if you dial 231, the phone will then repeat back to you “two,” “three,” “one.” It is available in both English and Spanish.Just5 Phone

The number display area also displays large numbers so that you can see them even if you don’t have your glasses on (all this for the price of $89.99).

Emergency Contact System

On the back of the phone there is a red SOS button which can activate your personal emergency response system. What you do is you pre-program 5 emergency contact numbers.  The numbers could be 911, your spouse, doctor, friend, next of kin, anyone you wish to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Upon pressing the red SOS button for more than 4 seconds, the phone lets out a siren sound while simultaneously sending “Help me, I’m in an emergency” text messages to your 5 emergency contacts. After sending the texts, your phone automatically starts calling your emergency contacts one by one until it reaches someone.

Once the phone makes a connection with one of your contacts, it goes into speaker phone mode so you can talk hands free. The real kicker about the services that the emergency response system is included with Just5 phones at no extra charge.Just5 Back

Additional Phone Features

Just5 phones come equipped with a built-in flashlight, FM radio tuner and respectable battery life (4 hours talk time and 6 days standby).  Each the rate plan comes with the usual features such as three-way calling, call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, nationwide long distance, international direct dial and international & domestic SMS.

Just5 Monthly Plans

Their plans are simple and inexpensive ranging from $10 a month to $40 a month. Below is a listing of the plans offered by just five:

Plan What You Get Cost
Just 10 100 Minutes + 50 Text Messages $10
Just 20 200 Minutes + 50 Text Messages $20
Just 30 300 Minutes + 50 Text Messages $30
Unlimited Unlimited Talk & Text for 30 days $40

Purchased airtime is valid and usable for 90 days. Unused time will roll over unless you allow your airtime to expire (you must buy more airtime every 90 days).

Coverage Area

Just5 uses Jolt mobile to provide cell phone service. They have a nationwide network and most probably have coverage in your area. Below is the Just5 coverage map.

Just5 Coverage

If you are interested in signing up for this service, visit their website, order the phone online and select your monthly service plan (remember there’s no credit check or contract). While this plan may not be for the sophisticated cell phone user, there is definitely a market out there looking for simple, easy to use cell phones that are inexpensive, that don’t require a credit check and provide the basic talking and texting services and Just5 is aiming at that demographic.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.