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Pay as You Go Fido Phone

Canadian residents can take advantage of the pay as you go Fido phone plan.  With the prepaid option there’s no activation fee, no commitment and best of all, no credit check. You can use the phone for as long as it suits your needs and cancel when you’re ready.

There are several Fido phone plans.  You can either pay by the month, the day or even the minute.

Fido Phone Plan: By the Month

Fido Phone has four monthly prepaid plans ranging from $10 to $39 per month. All four plans allow for unlimited incoming text messages and all four plans charge a $.75 911 emergency access fee. That’s where the similarities end.

  • For $39 per month you get 2,000 anytime local minutes within your selected city or (CityFido zone). You can choose from Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, London, Toronto, Ottawa/Gatineau, Montreal or Quebec. If you go over your 2,000 minute allotment it will cost an additional $.40 per minute within your CityFido zone. Although all four plans provide unlimited incoming texts, this plan also gives you unlimited outgoing texts*.Fido Phone
  • For $29.75 per month you get 100 daytime minutes, 1,000 nights and weekend minutes, 100 outgoing text messages* and unlimited incoming texts. If you go over your 100 daytime or 1,000 nights/weekend minutes you’ll have to pay an additional $.40 per additional minute.
  • With the $19.75 plan you get 50 daytime minutes, 300 nights/weekends and 50 outgoing text messages*.
  • The least expensive plan,  the $10 plan is called Talk & Text for 10 cents. There are no included minutes. Each talk minute costs 10 cents as does each outgoing text*.

Fido Phone Plan: By the Day

There are two daily pay as you go plans; both cost $1 a day. They both charge $.30 per minute weekdays but one plan offers unlimited nights and weekends while the other offers unlimited incoming calls. They both charge $.20 for outgoing texts* and no charge for incoming texts.Fido

Fido Phone Plan: By the Minute

Lastly there’s the pay as you go by the minute plan. This plan charges $.30 per call anytime and $.20 per outgoing text*. As with all of the other plans, incoming texts are unlimited.

With each of the plans (except the $10 plan) you can purchase domestic text package add ons ranging from $.50 per day for unlimited texting for the day to $10 per month to send 2,500 texts*. There’s also the international text add on packages which allows you to send 25 international texts for $4 per month or 250 international texts for $10 per month.

*indicates domestic texts sent within Canada to a wireless phone.

Fido Phone Data Packages

You can purchase a day, week or unlimited pass for mobile web browsing (cost range from $1 to $10). If you have a Smartphone your daily, weekly, monthly data packet pass goes from $2 for the day for a 20MB data allotment, to $7 for the week for a 125 MB data allotment and $25 for the month with a 500 MB allotment.

BlackBerry owners can purchase Unlimited Social Networking and/or Unlimited Personal Email and IM each for $20 per month.

All phones come with call waiting, call display, voice messaging a Fido mobile internet portal (you can check your balances, messages and shop if you wish) and balance notifications. All plans charge $.75 per 911 emergency access fee.

Next we’ll discuss pay-as-you-go compatible Fido Phones

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.