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Stop Accidental Phone Dialing with Slide2Call

Butt calls it is a term given to cell phone calls made from your cell phone without your knowledge. You may have your cell phone in your pocket, sit down and make a butt call. Or, you can have your cell phone in your purse; it rubs up against a tube of lipstick and viola, another butt call.

In general accidental phone calls are harmless if you don’t mind inadvertently sharing your daily comings and goings with someone you least suspect. They only become problematic (and even embarrassing) when you have something to hide. For example, check out how an accidental cell call let one gent know his wife was having an affair (okay, the story is a bit long and soap operalike, but you get the drift).

Slide2Call Configuration

Slide2Call Stops Accidental Cell Phone Calls

If you’ve ever been put in the somewhat embarrassing position of having to explain what was going on during an accidental phone dial, you quickly know that you’d do anything not to have it happen again. Well, Slide2Call is an app you can download that puts an end to accidental cell calls.

Quick Installation

To use Slide2Call all you need to do is download two files onto your smartphone, turn it off and restart your phone again. Once the app is on your phone you can turn it on or off. There might be times when you don’t mind making accidental calls. For those times, turn Slide2Call to the “Off” position. Otherwise, turn it “On” (after all, why purchase an app if you’re not going to use it).

Slide2CallMake a Call

Use your fingers or voice recognition to make a call (no butt calls during the testing phase). Once you make a call, you’ll see the Slid2Call slider bar. If you want to continue the call, slide the arrow from left to right. No need to lock or unlock the phone or even punch in an authorization password, just a simple slide from left to right to confirm the call.

Try before You Buy

Give it a whirl. Visit the Slide2Call website and download the app for free. If you like it, spend $19.95 to register it and put an end to accidental dialing.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.