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T-Mobile 3G Smartphone No Contract Plans

T-Mobile along with all of the other prepaid cell phone carriers offers a no contract prepaid plan for customers who wish to take advantage of the 3G smartphone technology.

T-Mobile customers have a choice of selecting from three different smartphone plans:

  • The least expensive is the $30 per month plan.  It comes with 1,500 talk and text minutes with 30 MB data package.  The 30 MB of data package will satisfy anyone who does a little web surfing and sends e-mails back and forth.
  • The $50 a month plan includes unlimited talk/texting and comes with a 100 MB data package. With this plan customers can comfortably send and receive e-mails, do some web surfing, social networking and a little more.
  • Lastly, T-Mobile offers a $70 per month plan.  This one is for the heavy hitters.  Along with unlimited text and talking it comes with a 2 GB data package.  2 GB will allow you to stream videos and music, run certain apps, GPS in addition to basic web surfing, social networking and sending e-mails back and forth.

T-Mobile Mobile Broadband PassesT-Mobile Smartphone Plan

If you exceed your monthly data allotment, T-Mobile also offers monthly and weekly broadband passes.  They range in price from $10 to $50.  T-Mobile’s $10 broadband pass provides 100 MB of data for a week.  The $30 broadband pass gives 300 MB of data for a month and the $50 broadband pass gives a gigabyte of data for 30 days. That should hold you over until your next monthly billing cycle.

Smartphones offered by T-Mobile

Currently T-Mobile offers two 3G compatible smart phones.  There’s the Nokia 5230 Nuron touch screen which is sold for $99.99 (pretty basic model) and the T-Mobile Comet for $119.99.   The Comet with its 3.2 megapixel camera is compatible with Android apps.

Adding Airtime or Data Time

As with all prepaid cell phone plans, you can either purchase a redeemable phone card at participating retail stores, add time online through the T-Mobile website or add time through your cell phone.

T-Mobile Coverage Area

T Mobile has an extensive network and most likely has coverage in your area, but to be absolutely sure, check out their coverage area map.  T-Mobile has two coverage maps, one for voice coverage and the other for data coverage.  Because you’re considering a smartphone, make sure to review the data coverage area map before making your final decision.

If T-Mobile’s plan doesn’t work for you, check out some of the other prepaid smartphone cell phone plans.  You’re sure to find something to fit both your budget and calling/data needs.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.