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PlatinumTel: Prepaid Plan for Android Smartphones

Just about every prepaid cell phone provider offers a no contact plan for Smartphones.  PlatinumTel is no different.

If you’ve already read the earlier review about PlatinumTel’s cheap talk and texting rates, you know they’ve developed a reputation for having great rates on their talk/texting plans.  The PlatinumTel smart phone plan, on the other hand, is not the cheapest in town but it is a lot better than locking into a long-term cell phone contract.

Android Phone Selection thru PlatinumTel

Currently PlatinumTel only supports the Android smartphone.  On their website they offer the Sanyo Zio (PLS-8600).  While there are other cell phones sold on the PlatinumTel site, none of the other phones fall under the smartphone category.PlatinumTel

The Sanyo Zio goes for $299.99.  PlatinumTel often run special offers so if you catch them at the right time you can get the Android phone for $249.99.  The Sanyo Zio is a touch screen phone with a 3.5 inch screen.  It has all of the common characteristics of other smartphones in that you can browse the web, have WiFi access, it has a camera with video playback capabilities and of course you can download apps to increase your phone’s functionality.

Cost to Use Androids on PlatinumTel’s Plan

PlatinumTel’s Android phone plan comes in two flavors.  There’s a $60 plan that gives unlimited talk and texting with a 200 MB data package.  The other flavor is their $75 plan which gives also gives unlimited talk and text but it comes with a 1 GB data package.

The way the plan works is that you pay the $60 or $75 upfront.  You can then talk and text all you want for the month and your account is billed two dollars per day.  Similarly, you can upload/download from the web until you use your allotted data limit.  If you go over your allotted data package limit, you’re billed at a rate of about $.51 per megabyte.

Additional Phone Costs

Expect to pay $.10 per picture message if you purchased the $60 plan.  This cost is waved if you purchase the $75 plan.

  • Directory assistance calls (411) cost $1.49 per call.
  • Is PlatinumTel the Best No Contract Prepaid Cell Phone Smartphone Option?

After having reviewed several prepaid smartphone plans, PlatinumTel’s phone plan is better than being locked into a contract plan but there are few other prepaid plans around that are less expensive.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.