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AT&T Prepaid Plan for Smartphones

Prepaid cell phones have come a long way. The stigma associated with a prepaid cell phone is long gone.  As a matter of fact, prepaid cell phones are being hailed as the smarter alternative to expensive contract phone plans.

When AT&T offers prepaid cell phones equipped with the 3G technology you know prepaid cell phones have arrived (not that it took AT&T to make it legit, but it helps).

The AT&T Smartphone Plan

Although AT&T accommodates the smartphone with its GoPhone service, they don’t (at this point in time) offer options.  There’s only one plan for prepaid stmartphones. The plan costs $75 a month and includes unlimited talk, text and 200 MB of data transfer (you cannot use a pay as you go plan with AT&T smartphones). The plan is a nice start, but PlatinumTel and Virgin Mobile offer more options and better plans.

Smartphone Selection on AT&T PlanAT&T

Where AT&T shines is that they offer several different phones that can be used on their smartphone plan.  Their phones range in price form $159.99 (including online discount) for the Pantech Link ™ Go Phone to $299.99 (including online discount) for the Samsung Flight ™ II GoPhone.  All in all AT&T has almost 20 phones to choose from, but only one smaprtphone plan at this time.

If you’re considering a smartphone and don’t want the long-term contract, check out a few of the other plans before settling on AT&T. Even though you’re not locked into a contract, you don’t want to purchase a phone only to realize you prefer a different service plan (then you’re stuck with a phone that might not be compatible with your new plan).

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.