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Senior Value Cell Phone by TracFone

UPDATE: This is an old article.  Apparently, TracFone discontinued their Senior Value Cell Phone plan. Fortunately, Consumer Cellular still offers a very competitive plan.

The prepaid cell phone market is really stepping up to the plate.  When it comes to cell phone technology (whether contract or prepaid), most of the phone and gadget marketing has been geared towards the younger generation.  Fortunately, services like Jitterbug and AARP spent a little extra time marketing to seniors.

TracFone Wireless has joined the senior marketing bandwagon.  They realize that seniors use cell phones too and have come up with a no-contract prepaid cell phone plan for seniors.  The plan is called SVC Senior Value Cell Phone.  Their tagline is “The least expensive cell phones for seniors.”

Senior Value Cell Phone Costs

Since their tagline is about cost, we’ll start this review by looking at how much it will cost to sign up for the program.  Keep in mind, the Senior Senior Value Cell PhoneValue Cell Phone program is geared for folks 55 and older.

Currently, on the TracFone website, they offer the Samsung T155G phone for seniors.   This is a flip phone that comes with the usual features of text messaging, caller ID, call waiting and voice mail.  For the savvier phone user, you can take advantage of the web access feature, hands-free speaker and even download ringtones.

The Samsung T155G has a hearing aid compatibility rating of M3/T3.  It also has large number keys, large number display and an easy menu navigation.  The phone only costs $14.99.  The phone is available at major retail stores such as Kmart and smaller regional stores such as Shopko, Meijer and Pamida.  Or, you can purchase the phone online through the SeniorValueCellphone.com website (aka TracFone). Phones may vary by location.

Funding: Senior Value Plan Air Time Pay as You Go Plan

You can use the Senior Value Cell Phone program for less than $7 a month (depending on the value of the airtime card purchased).  Just like TracFone, you must purchase air time and activate your phone before using it.  TracFone air time minutes range in price from $9.99 to $199 depending on the amount of time you purchase.

Airtime Cost Activation Time
30 Minutes $9.99 30 Days
60 Minutes $19.99 90 Days
120 Minutes $29.99 90 Days
200 Minutes $39.99 90 Days
450 Minutes $79.99 90 Days
400 Minutes $99.99 365 Days

There are also web exclusives (discount air time) and double air time minute cards available on the TracFone website. You should always check Samsung T155Gout the deals before purchasing airtime.

SVC Funding: Monthly Payment Plans (no contract)

If you’re not crazy about buying air time and keeping track of the amount of activation time your Senior Value Cell Phone has left, you can register at TracFone website and sign up for automatic refills.  On the monthly automatic refill plan you’ll be billed each month to add additional airtime to your SVC phone.

The three individual monthly billing options are as follows:

Airtime Cost
50 Minutes $9.99/month
125 Minutes $19.99/month
200 minutes $29.99/month

Keep in mind that this is a no contract plan and you can switch or cancel the monthly billing option at any time.

TracFone Network Coverage Availability

The SVC Senior Value Cell Phone plan runs on the TracFone nationwide service network.  Since TracFone does not have their own network, they contract with all of the major cell phone service providers to carry the TracFone service.  That means TracFone’s service can reach 99% of the US population.

If you are a senior (or you know a senior) and this sounds like something you or someone you love can use, check out the Senior Value Cell Phone website.  Make sure to watch their video starring Alan and Anita Sklar.  It’s informative and humorous (depending on your sense of humor).  $7 per month for a cell phone is something worth looking into.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.