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Virgin Mobile Pay as You Go PayLo Plan

We already discussed Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk monthly plan in the last review.  For those of you who have not read the review, the Beyond Talk plan is a pretty economical prepaid plan for smart phones.

Today we’ll discuss the other Virgin Mobile no contract prepaid plan called the PayLo Plan.  PayLo is a pay as you go plan. Virgin Mobile offers three different PayLo options

  1. 1500 minute plan which cost $30 a month.  As the name of the plan suggests, you get 1500 talk minutes, can send/receive 500 messages and comes with 10 MB of web access.  With this plan your phone remains active for a month but at the end of the month you’ve got to pay an additional $30 to keep it activated for the following month.
  2. The next plan is the 400 minute plan for $20 a month.  With this plan you get 400 talk minutes and you have to pay $.15 per text message and $1.50 per megabyte of web access.  As with the 1500 minute plan, this plan must be re-upped (or topped up) every month.
  3. The third and final PayLo plan offered by Virgin Mobile is the basic rate plan.  With this plan you pay $20 and the $20 keeps your phone activated for 90 days.  There are no “gimmies” on this plan. You have to pay $.20 per talk minute, $.15 per text message and $1.50 per megabyte of web access.  This plan is not the plan for a heavy talker/texter.

Virgin Mobile PayLo Additional ChargesVirgin Mobile

  • The text messaging charges listed above do not include picture messages.  Every picture message you send or receive will cost you $.25.
  • If you make international calls are not included. Check the Virgin Mobile international calling rates to see the rates that apply to the countries you wish to call.
  • If you have any of the minute plans and go over your monthly allotment, you’ll be charged $.10 a minute for talk, $.15 per text message and a buck and a half per megabyte of Web access.

Purchasing Additional PayLo Air Time

Virgin Mobile calls their air time cards “Top Up” cards.  You can purchase a Top Up card from several retail store outlet. They’re sold at Best Buy, Radio Shack and even online at Amazon.com.

Top Up cards are sold in denominations of $10, $25, $40 and $60.  Once you purchase a card, you can redeem it at the Virgin Mobile website directly or you can add additional time through your cell phone. If you don’t want to purchase a Top Up card, you can go to the Virgin Mobile website and add additional time by using a credit card or even your PayPal account.

Virgin Mobile PayLo Plan Cell Phones

The cell phones for the PayLo plan are relatively inexpensive.  They range in price from $9.99 for the LG 101 and Kyocera Jax or TNT to the most expensive of $29.99 for the Samsung M340. The PayLo phones are basic phones.  Some are flip phones some are equipped with cameras but none of them come with a full QWERTY keyboard.

These phones and Virgin Mobile’s PayLo plan are for basic talking and texting.  Anyone with a teenager knows that a teenager can blow through the 500 text message limit in a single day.  Therefore, if you’re a heavy phone user or texter, consider the Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk plan.  However, if you’re basic cell phone user who uses the phone infrequently, the PayLo plan might be the right no contract prepaid plan for you.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.