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Parental Control Features for Kajeet Prepaid Cell Phone Service

The current parental control features offered by Kajeet helps to give parents peace of mind. Once you have convinced yourself  (or your child has convinced you) that your child is responsible enough not to lose her cell phone, leave it on the soccer field or in her pants pocket so it ends up in the washing machine, it’s time to give her a cell phone where you can maintain some sort of control.

No matter how smart your child thinks she is or how uninformed she thinks you are, as a parent, you’ll feel better if you can monitor her cell phone/texting usage.

Kajeet Wallet Feature

In addition to having the ability to monitor your child’s cell phone usage, Kajeet helps you teach your child responsibilities in ways that no other prepaid cell phone can.  They have a wallet feature whereby you can teach your child the monetary responsibility of paying for cell phone usage.  Your child can pay for phone calls/texts to/from her friends, while you pay for calls to/from home, family, and school.

Kajeet Cell Phone Usage Times

You can set what time your child can use the phone.  For example, the last thing you want to hear is your child’s pop music ring tone in the middle of Sunday’s church service.  You can take control by blocking all calls and texts for the period of time that church and Sunday school are in session. Keep in mind, however, that although you block all calls and texts, you can set it so that parental calls always go through.

Blocking Unwanted Texts/Calls

With the Contact Manager on Kajeet, you have control over which calls or text will get through to your child’s phone. This helps to weed out the unwanted and potentially unsafe contact from individuals you or your child don’t know.

Kajeet GPS Phone Locator

Kajeet offers a GPS locator for your child’s phone.  This service unlike the other services mentioned above is not free.  It’ll cost you an additional $7.99 per month for using this feature.  In addition to locating your child’s phone, you can set automatic check-in times.  So, if you’re working parent and you know your child should be at school by eight o’clock in the morning, you can set the automatic check-in time at eight o’clock, three a clock, five o’clock and any other time you feel the need to check up (limited to five different times a day).  You will receive an e-mail notification as to the location of your child’s cell phone (hopefully the cell phone is with your child).

In addition to email notifications, you can go online and map your child’s location. All of the above feature settings can be modified by signing onto your Kajeet account.  The parental controls aren’t the same as having your child in front of you, but Kajeet sure helps both parent and child transition into cell phone independence.  Check out the Kajeet website for a full explanation their parental control features.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.