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BlackBerry & Droid Phones on Verizon Prepaid Plan

Verizon wireless has added Blackberry and Driod phones to their list of available prepaid cell phone plans.

To take advantage of the Blackberry and Driod phones you have to select one of the Verizon prepaid monthly plans. They’re not available on the daily plans.

You can choose from the following plan options:

Monthly Airtime Units Monthly Fee
Talk & Text
Monthly Fee Talk Only Per Minute after Monthly Allowance
450 $64.99 $44.99 .45
900 $84.99 $64.99 .40
Unlimited $94.99 $74.99 .25

The prepaid monthly rates run about $5. more per month than the non-prepaid plans. And, as you can see, the rates are a bit cheaper if you only sign up for the talk and not the talk and text option. That brings up the question, “Why have a BlackBerry or Droid if you’re not going to use all of its features?” If that’s the case, you can save a bundle by getting a cheaper phone.

Additional Verizon Prepaid Plan Features

With these plans you get unlimited mobile to mobile calling within the Verizon customer network, unlimited nights and weekends and, if you choose the talk and text plan, there’s unlimited texting to anyone in the US. There are also no domestic long-distance charges.

There are, however, some additional charges they should be aware of such as $.99 per day mobile use per 24-hour period, $.25 per international text message sent and the potential for a $35 activation fee.

Verizon Blackberry/Droid Airtime and Phone CostsVerizon Blackberry

The air time options are still the same as reported back in January of 2009 post , so some things haven’t changed. You can purchase airtime cards for as little as $15 to as much as $100.

When it comes to buying the phone, be prepared to reach deep into your pockets. The Blackberry will cost you as much as $344.99 and the Droid, $394.99. These phones are as much as $150 cheaper if you purchase them through Verizon’s non-prepaid cell phone option.

Final Analysis

Paying an additional $5 a month for the freedom of having a non contract plan is something that most folks can swallow. Spending an additional $150 for the phone, well, that’s a little tough to stomach.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.