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Boost Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Options

Since we already discussed Boost Mobile’s coverage area and phones, it’s time to discuss the three plans. They offer three flavors of prepaid cell phone plans. There’s the daily unlimited, monthly unlimited and the Pay as You Go plan.

Here’s a chart of what each plan offers:

Plan $2 Unlimited $3 Daily BlackBerry $50 Unlimited $60 Unlimited BlackBerry Pay as You Go
Nationwide Calling Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited .10/min
Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited .10 send/receive
Web Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited .35/day
Multi-Media Messaging Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited .25 send/receive
Nationwide walkie-talkie Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $1/day
Instant Messaging Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited .99/day
e-mail Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited .99/day
411 Assistance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $1.29/call + airtime
Voice Mail Included Included Included Included .10/min
Call waiting/call forwarding Included Included Included Included Included
Int’l long distance Rates apply Rates apply Rates apply Rates apply Rates apply
Int’l Text Receive free .10/msg to send Receive free .10/msg to send Receive free .10/msg to send Receive free .10/msg to send Receive free .10/msg to send
Int’l Walkie Talkie Rates Apply Rates Apply Rates Apply
Int’l Connect (unlimited int’l calling to select locations) $5/month (optional) $5/month (optional)

A Little Prepaid Cell Phone Commentary

With the $2 and $3 daily plan you must have enough money on your account to pay your phone daily. If your balance falls below $2 or $3 your service will be suspended until you bring the balance up to pay for the day. I guess the first question in my mind is, why pay $2 a day when it’s cheaper to pay $50 a month? Maybe this plan is for folks who are truly cash strapped.

In addition to paying by the day, the $2 and $3 plans do not have the ability to make digital purchases (ringtones and such) nor does it include international calls or messaging. You’ll have to pay more for international calls/messages.Image by David Playford

The Boost Mobile website doesn’t specifically say when (time of day) they deduct the daily payment, but if your balance goes down to zero after they have taken their payment, you’re good for the day, but you had better add money to your phone to talk for the next day.

The convenience of having prepaid cell phone service doesn’t have to be explained. After all, the lack of contract, credit check and the freedom of being able to pay on an as needed basis are understandable reasons for prepaid service. After reviewing the above and reading about the restrictions and potential for headache on the Boost Mobile daily plans, the question comes to mind, “Are we going too far with prepaid services?”

This is just a thought, not a condemnation, but if you are having cash flow problems and find it difficult to maintain the $2 or $3 daily charge, maybe a free cell phone program like Assurance Wireless or SafeLink is the way to go.

Maybe I’m not thinking out of the box, but if folks can muster up the cash to spend anywhere from $59.99 to $149.99 for a cell phone, I’m hoping they have enough cash left to pay $2 or $3 a day. Actually, the $2 and $3 plans cost more than the $50 and $60 unlimited plans. While saving up for the phone, why not wait a little longer and save up enough to pay the more cost effective monthly unlimited plan than the daily unlimited plan.

This is a no judgment zone…just asking a question.

After selecting the phone and choosing the plan, the next important feature to understand is…How to fund the Boost Mobile service

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.