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Boost Mobile Prepaid Cell Phones

Boost mobile is another cell phone carrier that offers prepaid cell phone service. They advertise that their service has no contracts and a dependable nationwide service.

As of this writing, Boostmobile offers three different plans; the monthly unlimited plan for $50 per month, the BlackBerry monthly unlimited for $60 per month and the daily unlimited plan for $2 a day.

Boost Mobile Coverage Area

The most important aspect to any prepaid cell phone plan is the coverage area. If the plan doesn’t work in your area, it’s useless no matter how cost-effective the plan is. Boostmobile has two coverage area maps; one for their iDEN  phones (nationwide walkie-takie services) and other for their CDMA phones (talk, text and web).

Insert your address, city, state and zip code to see if you’re in a covered area. Don’t assume that a “Best” or “Good” coverage rating on the CDMA map equates to best or good coverage on the iDEN map. In my local area I have “Best” coverage for CDMA phone service and only “Fair” on the iDEN map.

BoostMobile Prepaid Cell Phone Selection

After looking at the phones offered by Boostmobile, the phones appear to hover in a higher price range than some of the other prepaid cell phone carriers I’ve reviewed. According to their website, the phones range in price from $59.99 for the Sanyo Mirro flip phone and the Motorola 1296 walkie-talkie (iDEN service) to $149.99 for the Samsung Seek, Motorola Bali, the BlackBerry Curve and a few other phones.

If you search hard enough you’ll find one or two phones for $79.99 and one for $129.99, but compared to services like Verizon and PlatinumTel prepaid which have phones as low as $29.99 and T-Mobile with a $19.99 phone, the BoostMobile phones are more expensive.

Whether you want a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, wi-fi or Bluetooth compatible, Boostmobile has phones with a wide variety of features. If you’re going to spend up to $149.99 for a cell phone, you should make sure it has the features you want.

Now that we’ve talked about the coverage area and phones, it’s time to talk about the three Boost mobile prepaid cell phone plans.

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About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.