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T-Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

I can’t believe I didn’t do a review on the T-Mobile prepaid cell phone plan.

T-Mobile offers two different types of prepaid plans. They have the Unlimited prepaid plan or the Pay-as-You-Go plan.

Before we discuss the plans and the difference between the two I think is important to find out about the coverage area. I found all too often that I get excited about a prepaid plan, like the features, the phones and the calling rates but the minute I look at the coverage area I find out that the plan doesn’t cover my area. I’ve since learned the hard way to review the cell phone coverage area before I go any further.

Calling Coverage Area

So first things first, here’s the T-Mobile calling coverage area.

T-Mobile Coverage Area

T-Mobile Area Coverage Map

Don’t let the green fool you. Visit their site, insert your zip code to see if you live in an area where you can get good reception. T-Mobile’s coverage search will display a map of your local area shaded in various degrees of green. Dark green means excellent light green means moderate. If you find that your area is gray or white opt for another prepaid cell phone service because you’ll have a difficult time finding a signal.

After searching the T-Mobile voice coverage, click on the data coverage tab to find out if you could surf the Web from your phone. Similar to the voice map you’ll find a map with various shades of purple; the darker the purple the faster the mobile web.

T-Mobile Prepaid Cell Phones

Confirming that there’s coverage in my area, I decided to check out the phones. I’m not sure if T-Mobile displays available phones based on zip code because some prepaid cell phone providers only offer certain model phones in certain areas so the information that I am sharing next may be for my local area only. That being said, when I click to review their phone selection I found that they offer a collection of 5 phones manufactured by Nokia, Samsung and T-Mobile

T-Mobiles cell phones ranged in price from $19.99 for the Nokia 1661 (that includes an instant discount of $30) to $119.99 for the T-Mobile Tap (which also included a $30 instant discount).

Features ranged from Bluetooth technology, camera phones, speakerphones and more. One thing I did note is that these phones were not designed with seniors in mind. The number pads and screens were pretty small, except for the T-Mobile Tap which has a nice sized screen.

Selecting the T-Mobile Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Now that we know T-Mobile provides coverage in the area and I’ve selected my phone, its time to take a look at how much service will cost. I’ll start with the T-Mobile Pay As You Go Plan.

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About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.