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PlatinumTel Three Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

This is a typical pay as you go plan. 5 cents per minute, 2 cents text messaging (both in and outgoing), 10 cents per megabyte for web services and picture messaging. It includes long distance and airtime carries over for a year (we discussed this yesterday).

Additional Costs: $1.49 for directory assistance (411) and 50 cents a month in fees (the Feds have to get their portion of the action).

The Real PayGo plan is pretty straightforward. It will cost you anywhere from $10 to $100 to purchase airtime and it’s good from 90 to 365 days depending on the amount purchased (also discussed yesterday).

PlatinumTel Hybrid Plan

The ttaglineon their website for this plan is “Hybrid, the not a heavy talker during the day plan.” So, you guessed it, if you make/receive most of your calls at night, this might be the one for you. Here are the particulars:

You can purchase a monthly or bi-monthly plan. The monthly plan seems to be more cost effective for nocturnal heavy hitters. Here’s the breakdown of cost and charges:

Bi-Monthly Monthly
Plan Cost $20 $30
Anytime Minutes 200 300
Nights/Weekends Unlimited Unlimited
Talk Time 15 Days 30 Days
Text Messaging $5 $10
Messages 400 1000
# of Days 30 Days 30 Days
Data/Web $5 $10
Megabytes 40 100
# of Days 30 Days 30 Days


The unlimited nights and weekend plan starts at 9:00 PM. If you make a week day call it will cost you 10 cents per minute and 1 anytime minute to send a text message outside of the $5 or $10 bundle. As with the Real PayGo plan, long distance is included, directory assistance is $1.49 but the Feds get a larger chunk in fees. The monthly Federal and Number Portability fee is $1.95 a month.

You can carry your minutes over for 90 days and if you access the web out of the bundle it will cost you 30 cents per megabyte and 10 cents per picture message.

PlatinumTel Unlimited

The tag line for the Unlimited plan is “Unlimited the talker, texter, surfer all the time plan” and is advertised for $50 a month.

If you are a big user then this seems like the way to go. Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

Unlimited Cost $10 $30 $50
Web/Picture Msg $10
Total Airtime $60
Unlimited talk/text 5 Days 15 Days 30 Days

Some fine print to be aware of: If you purchase the $50 option, you get unlimited talk and $60 airtime. (not sure why you need airtime if you get unlimited talk/text), but you are also charged $2 per day to talk and text. So, if you’re a heavy user and talk/text daily, on top of your $50 you are charged $2 a day. I’m not quite clear if the $2 is deducted from the $60 air time or whether it’s an additional charge.

Long distance, texting and roaming are all included. 411 Directory assistance is still $1.49 per call web/picture messaging is about 51 cents per MB if you don’t purchase the add-on and picture messaging is 10 cents per message.

The website is silent regarding the Feds. They don’t seem to list the Federal and Numbers Portability Fee for the unlimited plan.

If You Don’t Know…Ask PlatinumTel

Since I was a little confused on a couple of the particulars, I shot them an email to see if they could clear up my questions. I’ve got to say, they responded quickly and put my fears to rest.

Here are my PlatinumTel Questions:

I’m a little confused about the unlimited plan. Is the $2 per day included in the $60 air time or is it billed in addition to the airtime? Additionally, what is the charge for the Federal and Number Portability Fee for the unlimited plan? I couldn’t find it on the site.

PlatinumTel Prompt Response:

Thank you for choosing PlatinumTel. When you load $50 Unlimited you receive $60 worth of airtime, each day the $2 daily fee is deducted from that balance. So if you divide 60 by 2 it equal 30 (days). There is no other fee on the Unlimited plan for Federal. If you are calling 411 or 0 (operator assistance) it will deduct $1.49 from airtime (days). If you need to contact information you can call 1-800-FREE-411 and that call will not deduct from airtime (days). If you are calling party/chat lines, International, and are accepting charges for downloads that is additional and will deduct from airtime (days). Also keep in mind that only the $10 data card offers Unlimited web browsing for 30 days and the $50 Unlimited comes with 100 mega bytes. If there is no data card or mega bytes on the account, the charge to browse the web is 1 penny every 20 kilo bytes. Have a great day.

PlatinumTel Bottom Line

PlatinumTel doesn’t appear to be available in my area, but I do like the fact that they responded very quickly to my query. It’s nice to know that help is readily accessible.  Quality customer service seems to be a lost art.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.