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Cricket PAYGo Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

Cricket wireless is another provider that offers both contract and pre-paid cell phone plans. Their prepaid plan is called Cricket PAYGo. They offer three plans, Basic, More and All plans.

The difference in pricing is $1 a day. The Basic costs $1/day, More $2/day and All $3/day. This could prove to be costly if you have the All plan and use it daily.

With phones ranging in price from $19.99 for the Samsung Stunt to $129.99  forthe Samsung Messager II, there are quite a few phones to choose from. There are the basic models such as the Samsung Stunt, Samsung R211 to the more robust Cricket TXTM8, Samsung Messager and Cricket MSGM8 which sport a full QWERTY keyboard. It looks like Cricket has a prepaid model to suit all types of cell phone usage.

What Cricket PAYGo Plans Offer

They each plan offers unlimited local talk time and unlimited incoming text messages which is a good thing, but see the chart below for additional charges:

Feature Basic More All
US Long Distance .10/minute Unlimited Unlimited
Roaming .25/minute .25/minute .25/minute
Texting/pictures .10/sent messg Unlimited Unlimited
International Text .10/sent messg Unlimited Unlimited

Cricket wireless offers additional free services/features such as voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling. Although these are considered features, now a days it’s a standard feature on just about all cell phones (pre-paid or contract).

Other features such as mobile web and directory assistance are included in the All plan but Basic and More plans must pay an additional 25 cents per day for mobile web and $1 per use for directory assistance.

Cricket Wireless Coverage Map

Cricke Coverage Area Map

Areas in dark green indicate Nationwide Talk & Text Coverages
Light Green indicates roaming

Keep in mind that although the map shows green coverage areas, that does not mean Cricket offers service in those areas. For example, I inserted my zip code in the coverage area map page and was told “We currently do not offer service in your area. Sign up to get notified as soon as Cricket service becomes available in this zip code” even though I’m located in a dark green area.

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About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.