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Hearing Aid Compatible Pre Paid Cell Phones through Tracfone

Often times senior citizens or individuals who wear hearing aids are plagued with static and/or interference when talking on a prepaid cell phone (or any cell phone for that matter). If you or someone you love has a hearing aid and is looking to purchase a pre-paid cell phone that operates compatibly with a hearing aid, check out a few of the phones offered by TracFone.

TracFone Hearing Aid Compatible Models

TracFone offers a variety of pre-paid cell phones that are hearing aid compatible. Below is a listing of their currently available prepaid hearing ad compatible phones:

  • Motorola W260g
  • Motorola W376gLG200C
  • Samsung T301G
  • Samsung T155G
  • LG 410G
  • LG100C
  • LG200C
  • LG220C
  • LG290C
  • LG600G
  • LG420G
  • Kyocera K126C

Which Tracfone Phone to Choose?

Although the prices and features on each phone vary, Tracfone’s LG200C (has the highest hearing aid compatibility rating) and the Kyocera K126C (which follows right behind the LG200C in ratings) may provide the best sound for senior citizens or individuals with hearing aids.Kyocera K126C

The LG200C is a flip phone while Kyocera’s K126C is a more basic non-flip model.  If these two phones don’t fit your calling style, check out the rest of the phones listed.  There’s no reason why you can’t find the right phone to match your cell phone usage just because of a hearing aid.

Unfortunately, not all models are available in all calling areas. Visit the Tracfone website (www.tracfone.com) to see if the phone is available in your calling area.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.