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TracFone: Texting and Service Area

…TracFone Review Continued

In the old days phones were used for talking. Today, phones are used for texting. Why bother to buy a TracFone if you can’t text from it. For those of you who don’t quite get the text messaging lingo, TracFone is kind enough to list a text messaging lingo page  (I actually learned a few new terms and was able to surprise my daughter with them).

Text messaging costs differ depending on the make and model of the phone (kind of weird if you ask me). According to their website, the text messaging cost per phone is as follows:


Make Model Cost
Kyocera K126C 0.3 to send/0.3 to receive
LG 100C, 220C, 290C, 3280, CG225, 200C, 410G, and 420G 0.3 to send/0.3 to receive
Motorola C139, C261, V176, W175g, W260g, W376g, 0.3 to send/0.3 to receive
Motorola V170, C155 0.3 to send/Free to receive
Motorola C343, V60, 120 0.5 to send, 0.5 to receive
Nokia 1112 0.3 to send/0.3 to receive
Nokia 1100, 2600, 3390 0.3 to send/Free to receive
Nokia 5100, 2285, 2126 0.5 to send/0.5 to receive
Samsung T101G, T105G, T155G, and T301G 0.3 to send/0.3 to receive

TracFone does not support international texting.

TracFone Service Area

Before you run out to buy a TracFone make sure to check the service area map to see if service is available in your zip code. TracFone service in your area varies depending on the model and make of phone you’re using.

Just a word of caution: From personal experience, TracFone worked just fine in my area until they started offering all digital phones (no more analog/digital combos). Although the service area map indicated they offered cell phone service in my area, my all digital phone stopped picking up signals.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.