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How to Use Any Key to Answer a Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone

How many times has your cell phone rung and in your attempt to answer it you disconnected the call? C’mon admit it. You search for the “Send” button in order to answer the phone but because the buttons are so small (or your glasses were dirty), you inadvertently hit the wrong button and the call is gone.

Well, if this has happened to you (even if you don’t want to admit it), there’s a way to program your Verizon prepaid wireless cell phone to enable you press any key to answer the phone. Since this method

Here’s how to configure your Verizon prepaid cell phone to use any key for answering an incoming call.

Turn on your cell phone and access the “Menu” option and scroll over to “Settings & Tools.”

Scroll down to option # 7. “Call Settings

Go to the first option “Answer Options” and press the “OK” button.

Once you’ve entered the “Answer Options” page, you’ll be faced with three methods to answer your phone:

  • Flip Open (or Slide Open depending on your phone’s model) which means you automatically answer the phone once you flip or slide it open,
  • Any Key, that means you don’t have to hit the elusive “Send” button to answer the phone, you can hit anything,
  • And the third option and final option, “Auto with Hands free,” which comes in handy if you are using a hands free device.

Highlight the selection(s) you want and “Mark” them by pressing the “OK” button. You can select one, two or all three options. Once you have made your selections, select “Done” and that’s it.

Have someone call your cell phone. Prove to them that you have learned how to answer a cell phone without disconnecting the caller. Now that you know how to answer your phone, why not use a special ringtone to help your ring stand out from the crowd.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.