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How to Create Free Voice Ringtones on Verizon’s Samsung Intensity Prepaid Cell Phone

With everyone having a cell phone now a days, when one rings its difficult to tell whose phone is ringing. After awhile all of the ringtones sound alike. Even if you do realize that your phone is the one that’s ringing you’re not sure if it’s a text alert or an actual phone call.

There’s a surefire way to solve that problem. You can create special voice recorded free ringtones telling you exactly whose phone is ringing and whether it’s a phone call or a text message. You could use your own voice or your child’s voice, it’s up to you. Which ever one you choose, you’ll recognize the sound and answer your cell phone. The best part of it is that it won’t cost a dime…it’s absolutely free.

Because each of the Verizon prepaid cell phone models are a little different, these instructions pertain to the Samsung Intensity phone. You can set special free ringtones using other Verizon prepaid cell phones, but the steps may vary slightly.

Verizon’s Samsung Intensity Free Ringtone Instructions

  1. Turn on your Samsung Intensity and access the “Menu” option.
  2. Go to the Media Center option, select “Music & Tones” and press “OK.”
  3. Scroll to the “My Sounds” option and press “OK
  4. Highlight the “Record New” option and press the “OK “button. You will be prompted to record a sound. Try something like “Mary, your phone is ringing. Reach in your pocketbook, find your phone and answer the call.” Or, you can create a text message ringtone such as “Incoming text message. Not to be confused with incoming telephone call.” Once you record the message(s), press the OK button again to stop the recording. Your new ringtone is automatically saved.
  5. Now its time to associate your new ringtone with the appropriate Samsung cell phone function. Highlight your newly recorded ringtone and select “Set As.” You’ll have several options to choose from. If you recorded a ringtone, select “Ringtone” and press “OK.” If you recorded a text message notification, select option #3 “Alert Sounds” and press “OK”. From there you can choose which function to associate your new recording with.

Test your new free ringtones. Have someone call your phone or send a text message. You can bet that your free ringtone will be unique and that you’ll never have a doubt in your mind as to whether the ringing is coming from your phone or someone elses.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.