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Mobile Phones Designed With Seniors In Mind

(NAPSI)-Two companies that have a long history of providing user-friendly consumer electronics to the active mature market, Consumer Cellular and Doro, have teamed up to bring two new easy-to-use cell phones, the Doro PhoneEasy® 345 bar-style phone and Doro PhoneEasy® 410 flip phone to the market.

The new cell phones, available now, are the most recent additions to Consumer Cellular’s product lineup and feature enlarged buttons and easy-to-read display text. The phones are developed by Doro, a Swedish company specializing in innovative and user-friendly consumer electronics for seniors. The phone designs are based on Doro’s extensive research and studies in collaboration with seniors and engineers who specialize in technology, ergonomics and physical disabilities.

Basic Cell Phone Features

“So many of today’s cell phones have more features than our customers will ever use,” said John Marick, president and CEO of Consumer Cellular. “We understand the difficulty in finding an easy-to-use cell phone and have partnered with Doro to provide simple, straightforward phones and calling plans that serve our mature customers. The Doro phones enable users to enjoy the convenience of cellular service without the unnecessary–and confusing–features. And equally important, these phones look great, too. Just because the phones are easier to use, consumers won’t be embarrassed to use them.”

Consumer Cellular has taken frustration out of the game by providing best-in-class service for its customers. It is for this reason that the company was selected as the exclusive wireless provider for AARP members.

Month to Month Cell Phone Billing

There are no long-term contracts or early termination fees to worry about. Customers enjoy the simplicity of monthly billing with the flexibility to modify their service at any time. Affordable rates start at only $10 a month and are ideal for individuals who want all the safety and convenience cellular service has to offer without paying high rates for unused features.

Plus, the Doro PhoneEasy 345 and 410 models are less expensive–and more functional–than similar phones on the market, retailing for $40 and $50, respectively, with a $35 activation fee. Additionally, customers can add a second line for just $10 (plus the cost of the phone) and share monthly minutes.

Transfer Existing Cell Phone Numbers

To make it even easier, customers can also transfer an existing cell phone number. Phones are hearing-aid compatible and available with a 30-day, risk-free satisfaction guarantee. AARP members receive special discounts and an extended free trial period.

To learn more about the cell phone plans for seniors or to sign up for cellular service, visit ConsumerCellular.com or call (888) 437-9221.

(Note:  This is not a prepaid service)

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.