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MetroPCS New All Inclusive Cell Phone Plan

Metro PCS has modified their old plan and have come up with another all inclusive prepaid plan. Their new all inclusive cell phone plans start at $40 per month and goes as high as $60 a month. When they say all inclusive, that means that the annoying little taxes and fees that always seem to drive up the monthly phone bill are included in the flat monthly charge. As of this writing, the $40 plan includes:

Unlimited local and long distance calls
Nationwide coverage
Unlimited text messaging
Unlimited Picture Messaging
Unlimited web access
And of course, the obligatory voice mail, caller ID, Call waiting and 3 way calling.

Not too bad if you are a heavy cell phone user.

The $40 is MetroPCS’ base plan. From there, depending on your cell phone needs you can add features. Each plan builds on the prior plan culminating at the $60 plan which includes, among other features unlimited international long distance.

Cell Phone Service Availability

MetroPCS is not available in all areas, but their website states they are expanding. Before signing up for the service, check out their coverage map to ensure full service in your area. If you live in the MetroPCS ‘Home’ area (dark blue bubbles), you can take advantage of their unlimited voice, text and data. However, if you live in a MetroPCS ‘Extended Home’ area (purplish bubbles), you can only take advantage of the unlimited voice and text option so check availability before signing up.

Choosing a MetroPCS Phone

Their phone filter option makes it easy to choose the right phone for you. Whether you want a flip, slider or QWERTY keyboard, all you have to do is access their phone filter option, check the features you want and select your cell phone. Phones are as inexpensive as $29 (Kyocera Domino) to as costly as $249 (Samsung Code – Smartphone) with a range of options in between.

Paying Your Bill

As with most prepaid cell phones, there are several ways to pay your bill. There’s auto pay, online, snail mail or in store payment (drop box) options which are all free. If that doesn’t work for you, can do it over the phone (via customer service), use a customer service representative at a store location, or use the payment machine at a store location. The second set of options charge a processing fee (anywhere from $2 to $3).

MetroPCS sounds like it has a good deal with the all inclusive feature. If you use your cell phone daily and frequently send text messages, it might be worth a look see.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.