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How to Send an Email Message to a NET10 Cell Phone

Most prepaid mobile phone carriers allow folks to send short email messages to a cell phone (called SMS messages for Short Message Service). In order to send such an email message, the sender must not only have the complete phone number of the cell phone (which means the area code and 7-digit number), but it also requires the cell phone providers SMS address.

It’s easy to find the SMS address for most providers, but NET 10 seems to be a little different. Because Net10 service is provided over several different networks, in order to send an email text message, you first have to find out which network the recipient’s phone uses.

For example, a NET10 prepaid phone using the AT&T network would use the following format to send an email/text:

3356584597@txt.att.net (please be sure to substitute the correct area code and phone number).

Net10 Samsung T201 Prepaid PhoneHowever, if you find that the above doesn’t work, then maybe the Net10 recipient isn’t on the AT&T network. To find out which network the recipient is on, go to the Mobile Carrier White Pages Lookup and in the “Select a Carrier” option click “Other.”

Once you’ve selected “Other,” insert the area code and number for the NET10 user, click “Find” and the website will display the proper network SMS address under the “In Network” section. Now all you have to do is send the email (make sure to keep it short because SMS can only accept 160 characters).

UPDATE: Since writing this post, the carrier lookup option mentioned above is no longer free.  They’re now charging $2.99 per month for unlimited lookups or $1.99 per lookup. Try using Telcodata or FoneFinder instead.  They’re still free.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.