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Jitterbug Prepaid Cell Phone Plan (For Seniors)

Senior citizens are fully capable of using regular prepaid cellphones.  There is no need to get special cell phones because one ages.  However, nature plays a few pretty interesting tricks as we age and vision seems to be the butt of the aging joke.  A senior’s vision isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be.  As a result, larger is better than smaller (in cell phone talk, that’s almost unheard of) and seniors would prefer special cell phones to make wireless conversations much easier.

Jitterbug Cell Phones for Seniors to the Rescue

Unlike most cell phones, Jitterbug offers cell phones with larger buttons and large display numbers.  Yes, that means that if the phone rings while you’re in the grocery store and you don’t happen to have your reading glasses on, there’s a much better chance of being able to see who is calling because the number display is large.

Jitterbug Phones – Easy to See and Easy to Use

No longer do you have to be a computer programmer to access the phone’s menu options. Jitterbug’s simple “Yes” and “No” keys will unlock the phone’s treasures.  Don’t you hate having to decipher which menu option to use to reach a cell phone’s feature?  No more guesswork with the Jitterbug phone.

Prepaid Rate Plan

As of this writing, Jitterbug’s typical prepaid plan price structure charges a per minute rate anywhere from .05 to .35 depending on the plan and roaming is free.  As with most prepaid cell phones, with the Jitterbug plan minutes can expire either in 60 days or 12 months.  It all depends on the amount of minutes purchased.Jitterbug Cell Phone

Jitterbug Prepaid Cell Phone Coverage Area

According to their website, “Jitterbug® will work almost everywhere in the U.S. where cellular service is available from most of the major carriers.”  Since there are no roaming charges, it doesn’t make a difference where you’re located as long as you’re in the US.

Customer Service

Jitterbug boasts 24-hour real live friendly customer service reps.  All of their reps are located within the United States and are specially hired based on their customer service professionalism.  You can contact them by calling 1-800-733-6632 or email them at CustomerService@jitterbug.com.

Jitterbug also offers a contract phone plan; therefore, for seniors not looking for a prepaid cell phone service, the Jitterbug’s contract plan is always an option.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.