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MetroPCS Cell Phone Service

The MetroPCS motto states: “The Unlimited Company that Gives you More.”  Just how much more and how much will the more cost.

MetroPCS cellular phone plans range between $30 and $50 and do not require a signed contract, activation fees are non existent and they throw in the first month of service free.  That sounds promising.

MetroPCS Coverage Area

Before getting too excited about the MetroPCS cellular phone service, make sure it’s available in your area.   Check out their coverage map .  Be sure to do a specific search by zip code to ensure coverage. The MetroPCS coverage map can be deceiving because the large blue pushpins used to indicate coverage make it appear that entire regions are covered, when in fact they are not.  The only way to be sure is to search for coverage by zip code.

Coverage Map

Selecting a MetroPCS Phone Plan

When it comes to selecting a plan, of course the $30 plan is for those folks who want basic local cell phone service  It offers unlimited local calling along with caller ID and call waiting.

For $35 per month MetroPCS cellular customers are entitled to everything the $30 per month service offers plus unlimited nationwide long distance calling and the option to purchase unlimited text messaging for $3 a month and screen-it for $2 per month. Screen-it is MetroPCS’ service which allows customers to screen their incoming calls.Metro PCS Cell Phone

At $40 per month wireless customers get unlimited Nationwide coverage, voice mail package, metro chatlink, unlimited text messaging, web access and unlimited picture messaging and the option to pay $2 per month for screen-it.

For an additional $5 per month, the $45 cell phone plan adds unlimited global text messaging, email, MetroNavigator (GPS technology) a few other bells and whistles, and…the piece de resistance, the unlimited screen-it is included (no more $2 per month to screen calls).

Just when the customer has almost reached cell phone service Nirvana, along comes the $50 option which throws in advanced HTML web browsing and enterprise email (not to be confused with the unlimited email access feature).

Wireless ServiceAdd On Cell Phone Features

Regardless of which MetroPCS wireless plan you choose, you will still have to pay extra for the following features:

GroupLINE:  Get this, if someone calls the GroupLINE, everyone’s phone in the group rings.  Can’t quite figure out why anyone would want that for an additional $5 per month but it’s offered nonetheless.

MetroBACKUP allows for online modification of cell phone contact information.  The PCS MetroBACKUP has to be downloaded onto the phone in order to utilize the service. Once the service is activated, users can add, delete and modify contacts online.  All this functionality for an additional $1 per month.

There is also a monthly charge for handset insurance ($4), unlimited call forwarding ($5) and if you choose the $35 or $40 plan don’t forget you get to pay $2 for MetroPCS’ Screen-it Service.

Paying for MetroPCS Service

MetroPCS offers its cell phone customers several options when it comes to paying for their phone service.  Customers can choose from auto pay, online payment, phone, mail or in person. However, all payment options are not the same.  Paying the monthly bill from the cell phone will cost $2 per transaction, and $3 per transaction if  paid via phone through their customer service.

An over the counter, in person payment will cost $2 per transaction and using a payment machine will cost $3 per transaction.

Anyone considering the MetroPCS cell phone service should think long and hard before signing up.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.