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Best Cell Phones for Kids

Some parents may bristle at the idea of buying a cell phone for their children, worried about astronomical phone bills and unrestricted usage.

Firefly Cell Phone

The Firefly is currently the most popular cell phone on the market to be specifically aimed at children, and with its bright colour schemes, Fireflycartoony designs and screen animations, it is not hard to see why. It features three large, brightly coloured buttons that will allow even young children to contact mum, dad, or the emergency services at the touch of a button. There are a number of parental control features, such as a PIN protected phone book that lets parents set the numbers that their child is allowed to call, and an option to prevent incoming calls from numbers that are not on the list.

WherifoneGPS Functionality with Wherifone

Parents who get nervous when their children are off on their own might want to have a look at the Wherifone, which features a GPS function that allows you to see where your child is at any given time via a computer connected to the internet. This can also come in quite handy if the phone gets lost, as the GPS can tell you where it is to within an accuracy of a few metres. It also features all the usual parental controls that you would associate with phones aimed at the younger market.

Cell Phone for the Very Young

Another popular model is the LeapFrog TicTalk, which has some pretty comprehensive parental controls, making it popular with parents who want to restrict their childrens cell phone usage to within certain parameters. It also features educational tools such as a fun camera, which is perfect if you want to encourage your childs artistic side, and a to do list function, which can help them to get in the habit of organising their time effectively.


Cell Phones for Pre-Teens

The Disney range of mobiles are aimed at slightly older kids, with features such as a flip top design, text messaging, and content downloading. They still, however, feature all the parental controls that you might expect from a unit of this type.  Although it is not specifically aimed at children, the Tracfone is nonetheless suitable for the younger market as it is inexpensive, sturdy, and comes with parental controls and a pay as you go price plan.

Two Way RadioChatNow

The ChatNow phone set is not really a cell phone at all, rather a two way radio with many of the functions of a modern cell phone, such as text messaging and photo sharing. The main advantage of these is that they don’t use the cell phone network, so all communications are free, although they can only work with other ChatNow devices within a two mile radius.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.