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Prepaid Cell Phones Growing in Popularity

Years ago it was considered the in thing to have a cell phone on a contract.  People would sit around at parties comparing their annual contract monthly bill and cell phone features.  The one who could afford the most expensive contract with the most features won the bragging rights.

Now, with the economy being the way it is, and people not being able to afford long contracts, prepaid cell phones have grown in popularity.  Folks are looking at their bottom line monthly budget.  In today’s tough economic times, there is no room in the budget for surprise over the limit fees. As a result, people are looking for a way to pay for what they use.

Prepaid Cell Phones: Buy Now Pay Now

Folks are looking to pay for what they use rather than buy now pay later.  Who knows, maybe the increased popularity in prepaid cell phones is an indicator of a general change in the consumers way of thinking.  Part of the reason we are in such a precarious financial position is because consumers bought what their hearts desired whether they could afford it or not and financial institutions lent them money thereby allowing them to do it.  Now, everyone is paying the price.

Prepaid cell phones are one way to put an end to purchasing what you can’t afford and paying for it later.

Pay as You Go Phones are Not Lacking in Features

With technological improvements, prepaid cell phones offer all the same bells and whistles as a long term post paid contract service.  With unemployment rising along with housing foreclosures and job instability, locking into a two-year cell phone plan is not as attractive as it used to be.

Prepaid Phones A New Frugality

Personally, it does this writer good to see that there is a collective call to frugality.  After seeing the error of our overspending ways, purchasing a prepaid cell phone is one way to monitor and budget cell phone costs.  After all, if you don’t have the money to put time on your phone, you don’t talk. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.