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Sending Text Messages Via Email

If you find that you spend most of your time on the computer sending emails, but you communicate with friends, family or children who prefer to text message, there is no reason either party should give up their preferred method of communicating. It is possible to send emails (for free) to folks who like to text message.

Here’s a scenario:

Little texting teenager loves to text the world. Mom and Dad of little texting teenager, have an older model flip phone model that doesn’t have the cool keyboard such as a Blackberry, LG enV2 or the more popular iPhone. They find it difficult to spend their time depressing the same key over and over again just to type the message “Call me.”

The fact that Mom and Dad of little texting teenager have the uncool habit of typing full sentences using capitals, periods and all of the appropriate punctuation, makes it even more difficult. There are two solutions to remedy the cumbersome texting scenario.

Solution 1:
Buy a new phone with a convenient text-messaging keyboard (expensive).

Solution 2:
Send text messages via email (free).

If you decide to use Solution 1, check out a few articles on this site to look for info that will help you to decide which phone to get. If you decide to use Solution 2, read on.

Sending Text Messages

To send a text message via e-mail you need to know two things: 1) the phone number of the person you’re texting, and 2) the name of the cell phone service provider.

Armed with that information all you need to do to send a text message via email is to insert the 10 digit phone number followed by “@” and the cell phone provider’s email address extension. Below are a few email address extensions for some of the more popular cell phone providers.

Verizon: @vtext.com
AT&T: @txt.att.net
Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile: @tmomail.net
Alltel: @message.alltel.com
Bellsouth: @Bellsouth.cl

Note: For a more comprehensive list, visit this post. However, with cell phone companies merging and changing names, it’s best to contact your cell phone service provider to find the correct email address.Texting

The address format for sending text messages via email will look something like this:
5486981456@txt.att.net (fictional phone number using AT&T service).

Send Text Messages from a Website:

Some cell phone service carriers allow subscribers to send text messages via their website. Check out Net10, Verizon, and the less easy to access AT&T option. You can also use free services such as TextU.org, Textforfree or txt2day.

The Choice is Yours

The great thing about technology is that you always have choices. You can either use the cell phone or the computer to send text messages; it’s up to you.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.