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AT&T Prepaid Text Messaging Plans

AT&T prepaid cell phones have various text messaging plans. Before you decide which plan to purchase, take a look at your usage. If you’re purchasing a phone for a pre-teen or a teen, skip the evaluation step and go directly to the unlimited text-messaging plan. No need to waste your time.

Both the AT&T GoPhone (Pay as You Go and Pay by the Month) plans offer the same text-messaging package. All you have to decide whether you’re a light, medium or heavy texter. Almost forgot, there is also the “What is a text message?” category. If you fall into the novice category, don’t sweat it. You most probably won’t need to purchase anything more than the plan that comes with the GoPhone.

AT&T Prepaid Text Messaging Plans

Type of User Number of Messages Monthly Cost
What is text messaging? As Needed $.20 per message
Light 200 $4.99
Medium 1,000 $9.99
Heavy Unlimited $19.99

For the novice who doesn’t know what text messaging is or how to use it, be careful as you discover the nuances of text messaging. The cost is on a per message sent/received basis not on the size of the text message. Therefore, if you’re experimenting and send one or two “LOL” texts or the occasional “BRB”, each will cost .20.

If you want to test it out before you go for the most expensive plan, keep monthly track of your text message usage. If you find that you are increasingly utilizing the text-messaging feature, bump up your text-messaging plan. The same goes in reverse.

Since we’re on the topic of cost, it only makes sense that our next topic will be… Funding Your AT&T PrePaid Wireless Phone.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.