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Choosing an AT&T Plan – GoPhone Pay by Month

If you rather pay a set monthly fee every month at the same time of the month, then AT&T’s GoPhone Pick Your Plan option is for you. With four different monthly payment plan options, the Pick Your Plan option allows users to buy a prepaid phone without having to undergo a credit check or commit to an annual contract. The one aspect where AT&T’s Pick Your Plan GoPhone that mirrors an annual contract plan is that you pay a monthly fee every month for as long as you have your plan.

Since you already checked the coverage area and you know AT&T has a wireless service plan in your area and you already ruled out the GoPhone Pay as You Need plan, you now have to decide which of the four Pick Your Plan options best suits your cell phone usage.

Let’s look at their options and then decide which one works best for you:

Monthly Cost Anytime Minutes Cost Per Minute Nights/Weekend** Mobile to Mobile Minutes*
$29.99 200 $.15 0 0
$39.99 300 $.133 500 Unlimited
$49.99 400 $.125 3000 Unlimited
$69.99 650 $.108 Unlimited Unlimited

*Mobile to Mobile minutes means to cell phones within the AT&T wireless network. Each plan includes nationwide long distance and rollover balances. **Nights and weekend minutes are used before the mobile-to-mobile minutes.

Now it’s necessary to know how much you use your cell phone and what network your friends and family use in order to get the most bang for your cell phone dollars.

Emergency Only: If you only use your cell phone for rare emergencies, take a look at AT&T’s GoPhone Pay as You Need Plan. The per minute cost is higher than the cheapest GoPhone Pick Your Plan option, but if you only make one or two emergency calls a month, it will cost you much less than the $29.99 per month plan.

Almost Daily Cell Phone User: If you use your phone most days of the month and talk to folks both in and out of the AT&T wireless network, it makes sense to purchase the Pick Your Plan $39.99 option. However, if you only make calls to folks within the AT&T wireless network, you might want to compare it with the GoPhone Pay as You Need Plan Unlimited Talk option.

Daily Cell Phone User: If you are a heavy cell phone user, then you’ll lean towards the $49.99 or $69.99 plans. You’ll have to determine how many anytime minutes you will need (for those out of network calls) and how much you’re willing to spend each month. For $69.99 per month you can talk as much as you like with unlimited talk time nights and weekends.

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About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.