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Review of the Verizon LG enV2 Cell Phone

In order to get an honest review on a cell phone you need to talk to folks who really put the phone to the test. Who better than a few pre-teens understand how to maximize the use of a cell phone.

The three young ladies chosen in this interview are cell phone aficionados and have put the
Verizon LG enV2 phone through quite a few hoops. Barely a feature has gone untested. These quick talking, fast texting cell phone experts managed to take a few minutes out of their busy day to answer a few questions:

What features do you like the best about the enV2?

General consensus answer: Texting with the keyboard. I like the keyboard because its’ like a true keyboard. It has the Shift key and everything. The keyboard is just the right size, not too big and not too small. We especially like the camera and video camera. The pictures are very clear with great sound.

Amber: I also like the notebook feature. The other day we were on the school bus and my friend and I were working on a project. Well, we weren’t really working on the project but we were thinking about how to do it. I was able to use the notebook to write down the ideas so we wouldn’t forget them.

Sam: I like the alarm clock feature. I use it when Steph comes over. I usually set it for the time that her mom is supposed to pick her up so that way we’ll be prepared.

Sam: It’s also easy to navigate. You can change the display, themes and other stuff easily. Also, you can change the menu options. You can remove the ones that you don’t use. Like Messages. Why would they put Messages in the menu when Messages shows up as soon as you look atenV2 Keyboard your phone? I don’t get it.

What don’t you like about your enV2?

Amber: It’s missing the loop thing for me to add a handle. You know how other cell phones allow you to add a handle so you can wear it around your wrist, well the enV2 doesn’t have it.

Sam: I also don’t like the front of the enV2 because the menu options are limited. You can only do quick messages, but what I do like about the quick message feature is that you can add new quick messages to the list.

Steph: I don’t like having to lock it. You ALWAYS have to unlock it.

If there were one thing you would change about the enV2 what would it be?

Amber: I would change it so that the OK button works. The OK button on the front of my phone doesn’t work. That’s really bad because you have to use the OK button to lock and unlock the phone. If I don’t lock the phone and put it In my bag or pocket, the numbers get pressed and the phone calls random people. But, now my OK button doesn’t work. The same thing happened to Darlene. Her phone’s OK button doesn’t work and she has the LG Voyager model.

Steph: I would change the ringtones that comes with the phone.

If you had to give a few tips to other kids who just got the enV2 what would you tell them?

Steph: First I would tell them to make sure that if you put your enV2 in your pocket or something, make sure noting is banging into it because it Verizon enV2can accidentally call someone if it unlocks it.

Sam: Yeah, that actually happened to me. I had it in my boot (Ugg) and somehow it unlocked and texted two of my friends and called a number that I didn’t recognize.

Sam: Oh, yeah, and I would tell them that you can send and share ringtones, but you cannot send them unless they’re in your ‘sounds’ folder. You can put ring tones into the sound folder by sending the ringtone to yourself in a text message and then save it to both your ringtone and sound folder.

LaForey: Why save them in both?

You save it in your ringtone folder so that you can use the ringtone. Save it in your sounds folder so that you can send it to your friends.

With all of the good points and the problems with the LG enV2, would you recommend it to someone else?

A resounding yes from all three participants.

There you have it, out of the mouths of babes.

NOTE: The LG enV2 phone works with both the prepaid and contract plans.

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.