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Verizon PrePaid Plan Features

The features offered by Verizon on its prepaid INPulse plan pretty much mirror those offered to annual contract cell phone accounts. With

features like Caller ID, call forwarding, local and long distance service, call waiting, three way calling, voice mail and international calling to name a few, if someone borrowed your cell phone it would be tough for them to tell that you have a prepaid wireless plan.

International Calling
Many of the features are automatically included with the phone, but customers need to be aware of the international calling charges if they intend to make out of country calls. International calls do not fall under the scope of long distance service. You can make calls to Puerto Rico for no additional charge, but calls to Canada, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Saipan and Mexico cost .29 per minute. Calls to Mexico are .29 per minute to a wireless phone number, but calls to a landline number costs .10 per minute.

All other available international calling locations are charged at a rate of 1.49 per minute. Verizon has an extensive list of available countries (From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe). Visit the Verizon Prepay International Services web page for an up to date listing of available countries.

International Texting

Rates for sending text messages to an international location is 25 cents per test message. Income messages, on the other hand, follow the pricing on whichever INPulse plan you have chosen.

International Roaming

You may use your Verizon Prepay cell phone in Puerto Rico, Canada, US Virgin Island, Mexico and Bermuda, but be aware that roaming rates apply. From as little as .69 per minute in the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada to as high as $1.99 per minute in Bermuda. Roaming in Mexico will cost you .99 per minute.

pp21Ancillary Features

You have the option to download ring tones, surf the web, and play music though V Cast Music (Being an ‘old timer,’ I don’t quite understand the need to have a cell phone filled with music, but that’s just my personal opinion). You can also download or create your own ring tones, download games and use VZ Navigator as your personal GPS to get street-by-street, turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Bottom line, prepaid cell phone plans offer pretty much everything the contract phone offers.

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