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Text Messaging and Verizon PrePaid Plans

The cost for text messaging varies in accordance with the INPulse plan selected. Whether you select Verizon’s Core, Plus or Power prepaid plan, your text messaging rate mirrors the per minute talk rate. Core charges .10, Plus .05 and Power .02 cents per text message (Check out Choosing a Verizon Prepaid Wireless for information on plan rates).

The Impact of Unlimited Texting

Text messaging may or may not be of much importance if you don’t use the feature much. However, if you heavily engage in text messaging and choose the wrong plan option, it could literally bankrupt your prepaid account. To accommodate the textaholics (otherwise known as teens an pre-teens), Verizon offers an unlimited text messaging plan for $20 a month (and $10 a month for unlimited texting to phones within the Verizon network only).

The unlimited text messaging option can be added to any of the INPulse plans. This means that your teen can send or receive thousands of text messages a month for the flat fee. Additionally, texting does not incur the daily access fee as traditional calls do. So if your texting teen prefers to communicate by using her thumbs rather than index finger for dialing numbers on the cell phone pad to make a call, you can conceivably get away with spending only $20 a month in cell phone charges.

Of course, if you do get away with the $20 per month charge only, you will have to make sure that your texting teen is equipped with the appropriate cell phone that makes texting easy (Check out the Review of Verizon’s LG enV2 cellphone).

About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.