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Choosing a Verizon Prepaid Wireless Plan

If you live within the Verizon wireless network area and do not want to undergo the rigors of pre-approval, annual contract or monthly bills, they have a prepaid wireless plan that may work well for you. Verizon INPulse prepaid wireless plans come in three flavors, basic, medium and platinum.

After you analyze your cell phone usage to determine what kind of user you are, take a look at the Verizon prepaid wireless plans below to see which one best suits your needs (as of 9/8/10, the following charges apply): See updated review and rates

Verizon Charges/Plan Core Plus Power
Daily Usage Fee* $0.99 $1.99 $3.99
In Network Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Night .10 Unlimited Unlimited
Weekend .10 .05 Unlimited
Per Minute Charge .10 .05 .01

*Note: The daily use fee is activated when a phone call is sent or received whether or not the call is to/from a mobile phone within the Verizon network. While in-network calls are unlimited free, there is a daily activation charge to use the service.  The daily use fee does not apply to text messaging.

Type of User:

Emergency or Minimal Cell Phone Calls Only: If you only use a phone for emergencies, you might want to think about selecting the INPulse Core plan which is the most basic one offered. The daily usage charge is the least expensive, but the per minute charge of .10 is more expense than the other options. You won’t feel the impact of the .10 per minute if you don’t regularly use your cell phone.

Moderate Cell Phone Use: If you use the phone somewhat often and to have longer phone conversations than the emergency only user, you might opt for the intermediate INpulse prepaid wireless plan. While cost for daily usage is higher, you do save on the rate for slightly longer or more frequent daily phone conversations.

Can’t Live Without a Cell Phone: For the real chatterbox, opt for the Verizon INPulse Power plan. The daily charge is most expensive, but at .2 per minute, it’s a bargain in comparison to the other two plans.

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About the author: LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones.