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If you watch TV there is a good chance you’ve come across the Consumer Cellular commercial. In their commercials, they advertise their service as the right service for the more mature generation. In case you haven’t seen the commercial, here it is: They advertise rates as low as $10. Yes, they do have rates as […] Read more


If you’re considering a pre-paid phone service, you might want to think twice before you select Verizon as your service carrier especially if you’re opting for the family plan. According to the recent article on ABC’s Action News, Verizon proved to be more expensive if you opted for their prepaid service than if you ha […] Read more

Page Plus

With the increasing competitive pricing and features offered from prepaid phone providers, it almost doesn’t make sense anymore to get locked into a long-term cell phone plan and Page Plus knows this.  For many cell phone users, prepaid plans is the most cost-effective way to go.  In addition to not being tied to one cell […] Read more

Disabling Verizon’s Balance Notification

Verizon Wireless

If  you use Verizon Wireless’ prepaid cell phone and don’t want to hear the balance notification alert each and every time you’re about to make a cell phone call, you should check out this article on how to disable it: How to Disable Verizon Wireless Balance Notifications […] Read more

Prepaid Cell Phones and Radiation


If you use a cell phone the old-fashioned way, then you should take time to read the book Disconnect by Derva Davis. When I say the old-fashioned way, I’m talking about dialing a number, putting the phone to your ear and actually having a voice conversation. If you only use it for texting, you’re a […] Read more

Family Mobile – Walmart’s Prepaid Cell Phone

Family Mobile

Walmart has another prepaid cell phone program called Family Mobile. Just like their Straight Talk program, there is no contract or credit check. The prepaid service costs $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and web for the first phone line.  For every additional phone line it’s billed at $35 per month. Therefore, for an […] Read more

Prepaid Cell Phones with H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless is another prepaid cell phone company offering a wide variety of talk plans. With H2O Wireless there’s no contract and no credit check. Since they operate on the AT&T network they’re available pretty much everywhere. However, if you’re concerned about coverage in your area, visit their website and click on the coverage map. […] Read more

Page Plus Cellular Prepaid Phone Service

PagePlus Cellular

Page Plus Cellular is another wireless service provider that offers no contract, pay as you go cell phone service.  Page Plus has nationwide coverage and a wide variety of plans. The only downside I see with Page Plus cellular is they have a limited selection of cell phones. As of December 2012, they only have […] Read more

Are Prepaid Cheaper than Contract Phones?

Verizon's $100 per month plan

There was a time in America where prepaid cell phones had a stigma. The general feeling was prepaid service was the service of last resort for people with poor credit. There was a bit of an elitist attitude among those with contract phones that looked down their noses at prepaid phone users. Back then prepaid […] Read more

Prepaid iPhone with Virgin Mobile

iPhone Case

Virgin Mobile offers a prepaid iPhone plan. The phones currently available on their site are the iPhone 4S 16GB and the iPhone 4 8GB. For some reason, Virgin Mobile limits the number of phones to two per customer. As expected, the purchase price of the phone is more than if you were to sign up […] Read more